Technology and innovations in today's world help to speed up and simplify a host of everyday tasks and tasks, and make it possible to automate many processes. A constantly rushing humanity has reached the peak of functions performed in a day. The amount of work done by one person can now be compared to the work of several people a couple of decades ago. And all this would not be possible if it were not for technical developments that help speed up, simplify, systematise, calculate, visualise and so on.

The appearance of such a development as an online trading platform made it possible to move part of the investment process to the plane of the internet, thus giving birth to a new direction in investment - online trading. New methods of investing, new trends, strategies and terms, cryptocurrency and binary options appeared. The trader is able to access all necessary operations and information via computer.

Moreover, with the advent of mobile applications for online trading platforms, all these features are available even from a mobile device.

Now you have an opportunity to trade in the stock market or buy cryptocurrencies, view economic news or follow a chart of quotations of any asset using your mobile phone.

All advanced brokerage companies have taken care to develop such applications and now we have a huge range of mobile trading applications available.

How not to get confused and choose the best mobile trading platform in Hong Kong? This will be discussed below.

Hong Kong's best mobile trading platform
Hong Kong's best mobile trading platform

What to look out for when choosing the best mobile trading platform?

When choosing a mobile trading app, the first thing you should be concerned about is the safety and security of your funds. Therefore, choose carefully the brokerage company whose services you will be using. You should consider only licensed companies, with positive experience in the brokerage services market, with good references from market experts and with real feedback from experienced traders. Become familiar with information about brokers, using official verified sources on the Internet, as well as by visiting all kinds of thematic forums and podcasts.

Pick a few brokers and research the online trading platforms they offer. Quality mobile trading apps have full functionality that is as good as the desktop version.

Experienced traders point out a number of features a mobile version of the trading platform should have. When selecting an application, you should pay attention to:

  • the features of the application download;
  • available deposit and withdrawal options;
  • the completeness of trading functions with access to all the necessary tools;
  • completeness and relevance of the information displayed;
  • access to all the assets;
  • fast synchronization with other versions of the application;
  • the amount of commission for using it;
  • the possibility to contact the technical support via a mobile app.

These are the basic points you should look out for in order to choose the best mobile platform in Hong Kong. Depending on your personal trading strategy, trading methods and selected assets, the set of additional required features may differ from what other traders want. But the above points should definitely be checked because it's important. Let's look at why in detail below.

Modern mobile platforms offer full access to all functions
Modern mobile platforms offer full access to all functions

Features of downloading the application. Registration on the platform

The first and most important thing, as mentioned above, is security. So never download a trading application from unknown or obscure websites. Start by looking for a reliable broker and only download the app from that broker's official website. Alternatively, use the official playmarket on your mobile phone. This will keep you safe from all sorts of fraudulent software downloads and unauthorised access to your personal data.

When downloading the application, pay attention to the technical parameters of the application, such as size in megabytes, compatibility with your mobile device, and whether the interface is in your native language. For a correct installation of the application these data must be taken into account during the download.

Use only official sources to download applications
Use only official sources to download applications

Once the app is fully downloaded to your phone, you will see the trading platform's branded shortcut on your mobile screen. Activate the app by tapping this shortcut.

If you have used this broker before and you already have an account on the platform, all you have to do is click on "sign in" and enter your username and password. In this case, all your transactions made on the platform earlier will be automatically synchronised and you will immediately see them from the mobile version of the platform.

If you are a new user of the platform, you will need to complete a simple registration process. To do so, click on the button "register", fill in the minimum set of data that the system asks for at the start and confirm the registration through the standard procedure, using email.

Registration should be easy and accessible, with the link to download the application only from official sources.

Easy registration
Easy registration

Intuitive software interface

Choose a platform that is easy for you to understand at a glance, meaning you can intuitively make sense of the user menu offered. Modern mobile platforms are designed to be comfortable for the trader, with an easy-to-use toolbar. Quality applications have good graphics, clearly labeled buttons with commands, the ability to customize the colour scheme and screen layout, as well as alerts and push notifications.

The main disadvantage of all mobile apps is that it is not possible to view several work graphics at once, which is due to the size of the mobile device's screen. Otherwise, good apps fully duplicate the work of the full, desktop version of the online trading platform. That is, you can use the app to buy or sell an asset, set up a pending order function or apply a multiplier, use indicators for technical analysis, or watch a video tutorial in the training section.

With full access to all features and ease of use, mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular among traders. It's functionality, portability and convenience in one package.

Explore different trading apps and give preference to those that offer you the aforementioned features. This will ensure a comfortable working environment and increase your productivity.

Setting the screen display
Setting the screen display

Access to financial instruments

When choosing a mobile trading platform, also pay attention to the range of financial instruments that you will have access to from the app. A quality mobile platform should offer full access to all tradable assets that are available in the desktop version. To check which financial instruments will be available to you in the app, locate the "assets" section on your dashboard and check the list offered.

The most popular financial instruments are as follows:

  • equity market. Take the opportunity to trade derivatives, speculating on the price movements of the asset without actually owning it;
  • commodities market. Invest in metals or oil;
  • crypto-currency market. One of the most popular modern financial instruments;
  • binary options. Get up to 85% profit in minutes;
  • indices;
  • ETF funds.

A good choice of suitable financial instruments is the hallmark of a quality online platform.

Check the mobile trading app for available assets
Check the mobile trading app for available assets

Simple negotiation tools

Choose those trading applications that give you full access to the use of basic trading tools such as stop orders to close a trade, leverage multiplier, etc.

A stop order is a great tool that allows you to secure your trades by setting an acceptable transaction limit. There are several types of stop orders, the main of which are stop loss and take profit.

Take Profit orders play a key role in the strategies of many traders and are used with a wide range of assets, from stocks and currencies to cryptocurrencies. When prices start to rise, orders serve as an upper limit and ensure that assets are sold before prices begin to fall again.

Stop loss orders allow traders to automatically sell their shares if they fall below a certain price. It starts selling the stock when the price hits a predetermined low point. This helps traders cut losses and protect themselves if prices continue to fall.

Using stop orders eliminates the need for traders to manually sell their shares and constantly monitor prices throughout the day.

In addition, the mobile version (as well as the full version) has a multiplier option that includes leverage.

Please note that using leverage significantly increases the risk of your trades, so do not use it if you do not have sufficient trading experience.

Trading tools
Trading tools

Availability of indicators for technical analysis

Technical analysis indicators are algorithms that show future prices based on price data over a specific period of time.

Each technical analysis indicator is based on a formula. This formula is used for calculations. The formula differs depending on the type or purpose of the indicator. For example, one formula calculates the average price for a certain period, another - the closing or opening price of the market, and so on.

The platform has almost every possible technical analysis indicator, and you can choose the one you need and see the current trends even from your mobile application.



Of course, up-to-date information is always important for a trader. That is why the broker did not simplify the mobile version of the application by removing the news feed. Like the desktop version, it contains news. Read company-specific news or set up a shared news feed and notifications. Thus, you will always keep your finger on the pulse of world events.

Actual information is a trader's trump card. Knowing about various economic and political events, you will learn how to analyze their impact on the investment market and make correct predictions for the future.

Read economic news directly from the mobile app
Read economic news directly from the mobile app

Learning opportunities

In addition to current news, the platform offers an educational section with video tutorials. This section contains all theoretical information, from the basics of investing to complex methods of technical analysis. The lessons are described in a very clear, simple and understandable language, with striking examples in tables.

In addition to the training section, there is a demo account - a special training account to which the system automatically credits a certain amount of fictitious money. Since the account is completely identical to the real one, you can easily practice various operations. Watch the lessons, make test trades on a demo account and follow the results. This way you will get the first experience while avoiding losses.

Learn with a mobile trading app
Learn with a mobile trading app

Other benefits of a mobile trading platform

In addition to all of the above, it is worth noting that the mobile online platform also offers benefits such as 24/7 customer support with a feedback form, reasonable initial deposit and low withdrawal limits, multiple deposit and withdrawal options, instant transaction execution, live updates time, fast sync of all your apps (desktop, tablet and mobile versions sync automatically and instantly), strong data protection with two-step authentication.

Possibility to open a demo account
Possibility to open a demo account

Experience the full benefits of mobile commerce in Hong Kong. Download the best Hong Kong mobile trading platform today, open a demo account and enjoy the flawless performance of a perfectly designed online trading software.

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