International financial markets offer a cost-effective option, especially in the technology sector. In fact, the companies that lead the "digital business" came out stronger despite the pandemic. Investing in Google shares may be an alternative for many Hong Kong residents at this time, who need to "revalue savings" in a difficult economic environment.

Buy Google shares
Buy Google shares

Most people who can save their money, are faced with a common question: What to do with the money? Although buying dollars is a form of "traditional protection", it is not an investment instrument, it is a reserve currency and its strength depends on the economic policies of the American country. That is, you can buy dollars with a part of your savings and avoid depreciation, but you do not receive benefits. Fortunately, you can now find out how to buy Google shares in Hong Kong.

How to buy Google shares?

Today there are new investment models that are more profitable, accessible and adapted to needs. The technology allows you to participate in various financial markets, not only in the local stock market, you can also invest in any public company outside the country.

Google is one of the dominating companies in the technology industry, it has shown solid growth since it entered the NASDAQ (more than 16 years ago it started with a value per share of 85 USD, within minutes it increased almost 18%). Today, the shares of Alphabet (now Alphabet Inc. is the leading corporation that includes the famous web search engine) have grown by more than 1600% and have a capitalization of more than $1.2 billion.

There are sufficient reasons to invest in one of the largest corporations in the United States. According to stock market indicators, it may be convenient (in the long term) to buy Google shares, as long as it is part of a diversified plan to lower the risk a little. Furthermore, you can only get income with the increase in value, this company does not pay dividends (as do most of the technology sector). 

Invest in Google Shares from Hong Kong
Invest in Google Shares from Hong Kong

On the other hand, if you invest in CFDs on Google Alphabet shares you can benefit from any price change (up or down). These contracts are made through an internet trading service, you get a return on your money if the position coincides with the movement of the value (difference that occurred between the opening and closing). In this modality you can use the following advantages in favour:

  • Diversify the activity on a large amount of assets with new trading options.
  • Having leverage to improve investment conditions is a risky option, but it increases the possible benefit you receive.
  • Total control of the commercial operations, you choose the strategy that better adapts to your objectives. You can benefit from the variations (independently if the value in the stock exchange quotations goes up or down, you only choose the direction you consider appropriate).

When you invest in equity assets there is a risk associated with the type of trade. However, there are aspects that also influence results such as experience and training, which are determining factors in developing skills in this business.

How to invest in Google shares?

If you want to invest in stocks you can do so through a reliable and easily accessible option. Although in Hong Kong there are alternatives, you need a "significant amount" of silver to pay commissions and operating fees, as well as the taxes established by the government. In addition, they depend on at least 2 variables: the changes in the price of the asset and the exchange rate (cash dollar with settlement).

Google trading conditions
Google trading conditions

For this reason, many Hong Kong residents are opting for platforms that facilitate the trading and purchase of shares, learn how to invest in Google from the mobile phone with these simple steps:

  1. Choose the service that best suits your needs, you can review the features available to trade from Hong Kong (payment options enabled, minimum amount required to start investing, promotions, etc.).

  2. As soon as you enter the website, register your data to trade (there are applications that offer several types of accounts according to the level of experience). Once the registration process is completed, you can install the business software on the available computer (notebook, tablet or mobile phone).

  3. Enter the application (using your personal username and password, preferably in the "trial version" and choose "GOOGL" from the list of instruments. In general, you can have data that are important for the strategy to follow, they are related to: the terms and conditions to invest, updated information and news that can be relevant to evaluate the financial situation of the company.

  4. Select the amount you want to trade, you can also choose the multiplier to "expand" the amount of investment. In fact, some applications allow you to program the closing of the operation. As soon as you configure the function, you can execute an order to benefit from the possible changes that are generated according to the prediction.

Online services facilitate the process of buying shares, employ technology and offer new forms of investment. Today you can do it with a local or foreign broker, with a small amount and on companies whose market value exceeds one billion dollars.

Google stock investment platform

Traders develop applications with online access for a better experience, their investors can enter through different channels (from a computer at home, to a mobile device anywhere), even using the available versions (computer software, website or App), all using the Internet as the only means. In that sense, from any Hong Kong province you can access the stock market, regardless of whether you use a mobile phone or a notebook to have the platform. 

Information on changes in Google shares
Information on changes in Google shares

Google is a company that was born under the concept of the "American dream", since its beginnings it has managed to position itself among the leading corporations in the world technology market. Today, it has doubled its number of users and has sufficient financial stability (in the 3rd quarter of 2020 alone, revenues increased by almost 60%) to enjoy the confidence of its investors.

Now you can buy shares of large companies thanks to online applications, in fact, they offer facilities to allow entry into the "investment terrain". They are a very accessible alternative, especially for those who do not have enough capital or cannot buy dollars.

As an important added value, these services allow the use of advanced functions to study each financial instrument. You can use graphical methods for technical analysis, as well as asset-related information, which is essential in fundamental analysis.

How do I start investing in Google shares?

With the trading applications you can learn how to invest in Google shares. Fortunately, some services provide a section dedicated to knowledge (with didactic information). They also offer an interface to practice strategies and get skills, as well as 24/7 technical support.

How to buy Google shares in Hong Kong
How to buy Google shares in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong there are operators dedicated to people with no experience in a financial market (a large number of beginners benefit from essential instruction and training). However, there are alternatives for experts who need exclusive operating conditions. Know some basic attributes that the platform should offer:

  • Quick and easy entry procedure.
  • Easy to operate design, an aspect that favors inexperienced people during the learning process.
  • Provide enough documentation to illustrate the processes (that allow to know how to operate with actions, support elements for each function, essential maneuvers, among other advantages).
  • Allow the entry of local currency, as well as means of payment that facilitate the process.
  • Offer different trading alternatives, as well as the most traded assets in trading.
  • To have acceptance and good reviews from investors.

How to register?

Registration is a basic procedure if you want to invest in a company, know some common steps in these services:

  1. As soon as you choose to operate, go to the online site to start the registration process. Complete the form with only two pieces of information: email and personal password.

  2. Validate the e-mail by means of a link that you receive (seconds after sending the form).

  3. Install the trading software on your notebook or mobile phone, in some services you have to choose between the available versions.

  4. Verify your identity and residence address (this is a requirement of all operators). You have to send (digital image) the document and a service invoice (it must be in the name of the owner with current address).

How to open a demo account?

At the end of the login process you can get to know the demo account, it offers an excellent opportunity to practice with the most important functions (that allow buying or selling shares), just as in the real account (charts for analysis, options to set the risk level, etc.).

How to open a real account?

As soon as you finish the registration, you can negotiate in the real version. However, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the demo (you use virtual money to learn how to make a profit) before risking your money.

How do I replenish a deposit?

This is one of the most important steps in the pre-investment process. You select a convenient payment method, choose the amount and click on "Deposit" (the transaction is made in minutes or a maximum of 1 working day depending on the medium).

Minimum deposit amount

Now you can invest the money, but from a small amount and increase it as you feel more confident. It is true that there are operators who demand high amounts (for beginners on a small budget), however, there are also excellent services to negotiate from 10 dollars.

How to withdraw money?

Withdrawals are executed through a quick and simple process, you fill out the withdrawal request (online) and choose a payment method. As soon as the withdrawal is approved (you have to meet the requirements), you select the amount and finish the process (it takes between 24 and 72 hours for the money to be available).

Security of Google stock investments

These platforms safeguard funds (both account balance and earnings), as well as each user's personal information. They generally have security certificates and use verification protocols for each procedure. Although this type of application is not regulated here in Hong Kong, they belong to companies recognized throughout the region. 

How safe is it to invest in Google shares?

It is no secret that investments (in any of their forms) involve specific risks. Nevertheless, operators offer total freedom to use functions, strategies and make decisions for each investment made. In addition, they offer a reliable service with flexible terms and conditions. 

Is it safe to invest in Google shares online?

Yes, despite the fact that the price of a share has fluctuated, it maintains the upward trend of the last 10 years. You can also evaluate more recent trading and financial results.

How can I safely invest in Google shares online?

You can use all the "digital tools" that the service offers, allowing you to study every detail of the variations that are generated in the short term. In addition, they provide all the relevant data, from value per share, news that can influence to the possibility of achieving returns quickly due to leverage.

Are my investments in Google shares protected?

Yes, but each result obtained is the responsibility of the investor, the operator offers a reliable environment to execute the trade.


Where can I buy Google shares?

Using online applications, they offer an accessible and secure alternative to invest part of your savings. They also provide educational content for less experienced users, as well as interesting opportunities due to the leverage.

Since November 2020 it has exceeded 1640, with a maximum of 1831 in early December.

Choose among the online applications operating in Hong Kong, which offer a service oriented to your needs.

They have presented variations, however, they keep a positive trend from the 2nd quarter 2020 (the value increased around 74% at the end of the 4th quarter).

The drop was caused by the pandemic and only lasted for 1 month until the end of March 2020. However, it recovered like all companies in the technology sector, reaching record highs at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Thanks to the commercial indicators, income and general valuation, it offered the necessary confidence to investors.

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