Tips for loading the IQ Option app for Windows PC

  • Set up your individual account on the broker site. To do this, enter your email address and a secure password. You will then need these credentials to log in.
  • Tick the box to agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Login RIGHT NOW with your details, to try out the platform features for free, through a demo account.
  • Load the application for your PC and Login.
  • Check out the training section, with lots of training videos. Good luck!

What is IQ Option APP for Windows? 

Online work on the internet in the financial markets is now considered by many users as a promising and highly profitable way of earning income. Yes, here you get independence and real conditions for good earnings on the Internet.

A platform is the indispensable intermediary between a trader and the financial market in question, so finding a suitable free trading platform is the first priority. A trader strives to find a platform that has not only security and the right assets, but also good rates and quality support. In addition, you should pay attention to different resources, options, educational materials and technical indicators.

Broker provides web version, mobile applications for trading and is also available IQ Option download for PC Windows to trade regardless of the browser and without any distractions.

If you are also looking for an easy-to-use software, IQ Option for PC Windows is an excellent choice. There is one of the large binary options and CFD broker that was founded in 2013. Let's take a closer look at it.


The platform's modern and concise design is not overloaded with unnecessary details and does not hinder the trader, but at the same time gives him full access to all the necessary controls. Navigation is intuitive and easy to understand even for beginner traders.

Read the latest news in your app
Read the latest news in your app


It is safe to say that IQ Option for PC Windows application is really functional and simple. Let us have a look at the main functions of the program, which are important to every trader.

Trading assets

Customers of IQ option have more than 300 assets at their disposal for trading. IN THIS CASE, TRANSACTIONS MAY BE EXECUTED STARTING FROM $1.  Assets can be divided into the following categories:

  • Currency pairs.
  • Company stocks.
  • Commodities.
  • Stock indices.
  • Cryptocurrency.

There are enough assets to allow you to diversify your portfolio or simply try out different areas. You can trade directly from the charts, compare several indicators on a single chart, create multiple charts simultaneously, draw support and resistance lines, etc.

Choose an asset for investment
Choose an asset for investment

Free Trader Training

After logging in to IQ Option for Windows PC, users have access to the training programs. The broker recommends going to the section "Traders -> Video Training" and viewing the lessons on the principles of the terminal and its elements. Once you have completed the course, there are no questions and trading with real money is rarely a problem. 


At the same time, the site also offers lessons on financial strategies, binary options, etc. Thanks to this material, even a novice trader will get into the essence of the business and later will be able to start trading without any help. The broker strongly recommends taking both courses so that the trader can gain knowledge and avoid making mistakes on a real account.

Take a video tutorial on the platform
Take a video tutorial on the platform

Support for Traders

Don't be afraid to be left alone with your question! Our support staff is available to clients 24/7. It is available in different languages. If you have any questions, you can contact the operator through:

  • Live Chat.
  • Hotline phone.
  • E-mail.

You can also ask a question using the feedback form. To do this, you need to go to the tab "Contacts". In the first box you need to select the subject, and in the second box you need to describe the nature of your question. After that, press the "Send" button. Responses are very quick, with most emails being responded to within minutes.


IQ Option offers its clients a simple and straightforward business model for operating in the market. As of today, the Company claims to be conducting more than 1 million transactions per day with clients in most parts of the world.

Regular clients can also avail of various types of incentives. The broker regularly holds tournaments. The winners receive cash prizes. Before the start of the event, participants have the same amount of money on their balance. They have to trade options, the one who trades the highest profit will win the main prize.

Trading on demo and live accounts is completely free for platform users. All stock charts and online quotes are provided at no extra charge.

All features described above truly set IQ Option for PC Windows apart from similar applications and make it a unique solution for online trading. If you still have any doubts, it's a good time to register an account and make your first trade on a virtual or real account and see for yourself how friendly the terminal is!

Types of charts 

The application shows us 4 types of price charts:

  • Linear price chart. This is the easiest way to show price movements. The line chart of forex instruments is not very informative, it is more suitable for statistical data. You can see how the price of an asset changes over a certain period of time, which is divided into intervals (timeframes).
  • Japanese Candlesticks - More informative than a line chart - it shows opening, closing, maximum and minimum prices. If the price of an asset has risen during a selected time frame (for example, a day), then the candlestick is often called a rising candlestick, and is marked in green. If it falls, it is called a falling candle.
  • Bar chart. It reflects the same information as a candlestick chart, but in a slightly different way: the opening price is shown with a bar on the left, the closing price - on the right. The principle with color is the same as with the candlestick chart: if the close price is lower than the open one, the bar is shown in red; if it is lower - in green.
  • Heiken Ashi - provides an alternative to the candlestick chart. This indicator draws not only the candles, which look different - the main difference - in the algorithm of building, which allows you to get higher quality signals (compared to the Japanese candles). In particular, the Heiken Ashi  indicator is used to answer the question: has the trend changed (or will it change)?

It is based on the method that allows to get the average value from price fluctuations of a given time range, which allows getting the effect of smoothing and getting rid of market noise. This is why the prevailing trend becomes obvious, and trading signals become accurate. 

Candlestick and bar charts give investors more information: the longer the candle or bar, the more volatility the price of an asset fluctuates (or, as investors call it, the greater the volatility).

Indicators for technical analysis 

It is almost impossible to carry out a quality technical analysis without their help. By their signals, the trader decides whether to enter the game now or to wait for a more suitable moment for the opening and closing of trading orders. After IQ Option download for PC Windows, you will have access to a wide range of indicators of all sorts. Here are the main types of indicators:

  • Trend indicators.
  • Oscillators.
  • Volume indicators, etc.

For your convenience, the most requested indicators are located in a separate subgroup, called "Popular". You will be able to find them in the lower left corner of the price chart.

Select indicators on the app
Select indicators on the app

Types of orders 

There are several types of pending orders in the application:

  • Take Profit, which is set to yield when the security price reaches the anticipated level. 
  • Stop Loss - set to reduce losses when the quotes for a security begin to fall. The position is closed automatically if the price reaches the specified level. 
  • Limit order - or "Buy at price ..." is an instruction to open a position at the specified price or better. To buy a position, the order is placed below the current market price and to sell it is placed above. 

Pending orders are not a guarantee of profitability or absence of risk, but they help simplify trading. 

Stop loss and take profit functions for your convenience
Stop loss and take profit functions for your convenience

Where to download and install IQ Option for Windows? 

To start with, you need to visit the official website of IQ Option. On the main page, swiping down, in the middle of the screen you will see two buttons: "Trade in Browser" and "Download for Windows". Click the "Download IQ Option for Windows”.

After downloading, the application should be installed. Open the downloaded file, click Next, then choose where to install and continue downloading. Very soon you will be able to start trading. To do so, launch the installed application and enter your login details.

Try a functional trading app
Try a functional trading app

How to start trading with IQ Option APP for Windows PC? 

So, to recap, to start trading you will need:

  • Register.
  • Download IQ Option for Windows.
  • Make a deposit in your account.
  • Select an asset and trade.

How to register and get credentials 

So, in order to become a client of IQ Option you need to go to the official website of the broker, using the form at the beginning of the article or using the link at the end of this article. Then go through the simple registration procedure. 

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

Then it is advisable to read the Terms and Conditions and confirm your age by ticking the appropriate box. Once your registration is complete, you will be notified that you will open 2 accounts - a demo account and a live account.

It is possible to register through a social network on the website. You enter your username and password and your account is opened.

How to open a demo account

IQ Option for Windows PC offers every client a demo account. It becomes available after you register. You do NOT need to make a deposit to start trading. On the demo account a trader has access to the amount of $10000 virtual dollars. He can use it when placing bets on any deals. There are no limitations. After that it is easy to switch to a real account and start generating profit.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

How to open a real account 

In order to do that, you must fund your account and verify it. To do that, go to your personal office. In the menu that appears, select "Deposit to account". Now you will definitely open the deposit window by all the methods available in the company:

  • Bank transfer.
  • VISA/MasterCard.
  • Neteller.
  • Skrill.
  • And others.

Minimum deposit amount 

You can deposit as little as $10, which is a very comfortable amount to start with. Try it, it's the only way to get a feel for the business and whether IQ Option for Windows PC is right for you, we know you'll appreciate it and join thousands of traders around the world!

How to withdraw money 

Withdrawing funds at the broker is available only after verification. Verification is obligatory and reminders about it will come to the trader's personal cabinet right after registration on the website. For verification, you should upload the copies of the documents you will be given in your personal cabinet. After that, the account is considered active and all the restrictions are lifted.

There are no significant restrictions on withdrawal. Trader may request withdrawal of any amount available in his deposit at any time. The withdrawal will be made to the same payment system that was used to deposit the money.

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