The financial stock market offers a "range of possibilities" for Hong Kong residents, who need to save their savings through more profitable and accessible options.

Although they can acquire securities through local supply, they retain a risk associated with economic instability. On the other hand, the US market is in a significant recovery phase, large companies such as Facebook are attracting investors by results in the last quarter. Next, I will know how to buy Facebook shares in Hong Kong.

Investing in Facebook shares
Investing in Facebook shares

How to buy Facebook shares?

In spite of the current situation (inflation, exchange rate and tax policy), you can buy shares in Facebook and other American companies through 2 alternatives:.

  •  Certificates of Deposit,  their value is due to the commercial and financial performance of the company, as well as the exchange rate (cash with settlement) since they are bought and quoted in local currency. However, some of these assets do not meet liquidity expectations and do not pay dividends (dividend yield=0). So, you can compensate the effects of the crisis (stocks and inflation), but you will also have to assume the cost for taxes (personal and profit goods) and operation fees.
  •  Online trading services, allow you to buy shares on Facebook to achieve long-term profits (with the price increase on sale). It is also possible to obtain income from fluctuations (with increases or decreases in value) through contracts for difference. In addition, there are applications where you can invest in local currency, although you must also pay taxes (under certain conditions), there are no operating costs. 

Buy shares in a foreign public company by following these steps:

1. To invest in shares, you have to choose an internet trading service. They act as intermediaries to execute various operations in the financial markets, some functions highlighted below:

  •  Provide efficient support to users, allowing them to learn the basic operation of the application, as well as the trading conditions.
  •  To safeguard and preserve the data, securities and funds of each user.
  •  Provide a user interface that is easy to operate.

2. Register your data when you open an account. The procedure is simple and allows you to install the application on any computer (computer and/or mobile phone). As this is the first operation, you will need to verify the account with an identity document (DNI), service bill or bank statement (showing the current address and name of the account holder).  Once the account has been verified, you must enter the application and deposit the money to be invested (this may take a few minutes), then you must display the list of assets and select "shares" to choose "FB".

3. Choose the amount of your first investment and execute an order to buy the equivalent in shares.

Hong Kong residents are opting for online services that offer simple procedures, as well as facilitating the purchase of shares at a very low cost. These are applications that use state-of-the-art technology to improve the experience and allow for new investment models.

How to invest in Facebook shares? 

Stocks (like any equity instrument) have an associated risk, i.e. the investment is not 100% guaranteed. While performance depends on many factors (company profitability, income level, business sector, etc.), the most significant is related to investors and their ability to anticipate price changes.  

Analysis of Facebook shares
Analysis of Facebook shares

Beyond understanding how to invest in Facebook, it is important to know the aspects that will "improve the way" to achieve satisfactory results. In the first instance, select a business service suitable for you, in Hong Kong you can choose from the most outstanding trading applications in the sector. These services can be designed for a specific segment (professionals, legal entities or beginners), in addition to setting investment conditions with the same orientation.

Secondly, but no less important, are the investment objectives and the level of risk you will assume. These aspects, which vary according to the investor's experience and knowledge, represent a guide for the strategy to be implemented (during the learning process, caution is recommended and you should move forward as you feel more in control of the results).

The fundamental analysis is the third aspect to be taken into account, it is related to all the relevant information about the asset (in this case the Facebook shares), as well as the events and situations that could influence the value (for example, the social network and its associated companies). As you analyse more data and understand how prices behave, you have a better chance of getting your predictions right. Success in this activity depends (in general terms) on study, knowledge and experience.

Buy Facebook shares
Buy Facebook shares

Facebook is a business group that has transcended social networks and is recognised as one of the "GAFA" leaders in the technology sector (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple). Financial indicators show significant growth, despite some recent events it has to date 818.94 billion dollars in market capitalisation. Contrary to the "particular" that has been the 2020, Facebook was able to achieve revenues of over 21 billion dollars in the 3rd quarter. These results positively influenced the stock market activity and financial situation of the company, the price of a share increased by more than 44% (compared to the price of December 2019).  

Facebook's stock investment platform 

It is a (specialized) software that has several associated applications in a digital environment. In other words, a platform is designed to facilitate online investment through the following access channels: mobile application (App), web version (also known as "WebTrading") and the computer version.

Information on Facebook shares
Information on Facebook shares

The business platform offers accessibility from any terminal, and also provides a secure alternative when you need to understand how to invest in Facebook shares. Generally, if you access the web version from your notebook you can open a position, even access your account from your mobile phone and check your active trades. You can also do this from the website and for the same account.

These applications are adapted to the investors' profile, besides offering new business alternatives (improving investment conditions, study tools, among other important aspects).

How do I start investing in Facebook shares?

You can now register for applications that will teach you how to analyse stock quotes. Although only some services offer a complete educational section, they represent an excellent training opportunity through forums, videos with didactic instructions, as well as practice applications to learn the basic fundamentals.

Learn about the advantages of this service model:

  •  They offer an application that is easy to operate, which is very helpful during the training stage.
  •  They allow a quick and inclusive entry procedure.
  •  Wide educational content, from the most elementary to advanced practices such as technical analysis.
  •  Facilities to deposit funds with local currency.
Trading Conditions for Facebook Shares
Trading Conditions for Facebook Shares

How to register? 

The registration is a primary procedure if you want to negotiate with the purchase or sale of shares, request basic data, but some services may require more information (eg contact details).

1. When you enter the website you must choose the option "Register" to complete the form.

2. You receive the welcome email with a link for validation, as soon as you click on the link the email address is checked.

3. Download and install the software on the available device (mobile phone or computer), once you have installed the application you can log in with your access data.

4. Data verification is also required. This step is necessary for security reasons, it only requires sending the document and a service receipt (it must include the name of the owner and residence address).

How to open a demo account? 

With the registration you can access the trial version, it has preloaded a fund that is dedicated to investment practices (not real money). Some operators allow you to use all the functions available in the real version (indicators, customer support, market assets, etc.), so users can know every detail of the software.

How to open a real account? 

The live account is activated after registration. In addition, depending on the operator you select, you may have preferential conditions for yourself (smaller deposits, more flexible and convenient options).

How to replenish a deposit? 

You can use traditional payment methods: from bank deposits, electronic transfers, cards (credit and/or debit), as well as cash payments. Most services have a fast process: you just select the option and the amount, the transaction can take from a few minutes to 24 hours.

Minimum deposit amount 

This is the minimum amount accepted by the service to make an investment, here in Hong Kong there are a great variety of operators, you can register in accessible services that only require 10 American dollars to start. However, you can also get higher amounts that are oriented to companies and professional traders.

How to withdraw money? 

You only fill in a digital form for "withdrawal of funds", once the operator approves the application, you choose the option and the amount to be withdrawn (by recommendation, he will check the fees and/or commissions for each means of payment).

Security of investments in Facebook shares 

The online business services guarantee the integrity of information and funds of each investor and comply with international security regulations and protocols.

How safe is it to invest in Facebook shares? 

All transshares are carried out according to the rules and conditions established by the service. However, the investor is responsible for each execution and order issued on the platform.

Is it safe to invest in Facebook shares online? 

Yes, Facebook has an outstanding market rating (among the highest in the sector) and the various financial indicators show significant growth over the last 5 years. Analyze the advice given by the service and use a conservative strategy at the beginning.

How can I safely invest in Facebook shares online? 

Use the functions that facilitate the study of charts, the fluctuations can be significant in the short term. You can also review news and information related to the sector, as well as additional options to achieve better returns (leverage).

Are my Facebook stock investments protected? 

The trading services ensure the integrity of the money deposited (user capital). However, investors are responsible for the outcome of each transaction.


Where can I buy Facebook shares?

On the trading platforms, they provide an accessible and secure channel to buy shares of American companies. You can also learn the basics of this activity.

From November 2nd until the beginning of December 2020, the price of shares exceeded USD 260, reaching a maximum of USD 294.

Select one of the best platforms that allow you to acquire and/or trade shares. There are recognized and safe services in the country. Some accept small deposits in case you have a limited budget.

Despite experiencing regular short-term fluctuations, Facebook shares have maintained a growing direction since 16 March 2020.

The most significant and recent fall was related to the effects of the pandemic (at the end of the first quarter of the year). However, as was the case across the technology sector, it recovered significantly.

The stocks started an upward direction driven by operating indicators, increased revenues and financial stability. A similar effect to other companies that are related to the technology sector with global influence.

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