Apple's shares have aroused interest in many Hong Kong citizens, this giant of the technology industry managed to recover from the "setback" at the end of the first quarter of 2020, achieved an extraordinary boost in sales that influenced the price of shares. Despite suffering some critical moments, since Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak laid the foundations, Apple has overcome all financial obstacles. These are sufficient reasons to buy Apple shares, in fact, it represents an opportunity in a complex financial context like in the Hong Kong.  

How to buy Apple shares? 

The international stock market is accessible thanks to technological innovation, now you can get high performance alternatives, in a very short time and from anywhere in Hong Kong.

This type of investment is stimulated by Internet access facilities, as well as new online services that adapt to needs and expectations. However, as is customary in traditional models, it is advisable to analyze the benefits to be obtained on the asset. Before buying Apple shares, you can calculate the dividend yield and know the possible return when the company pays dividends (Apple has granted millions of dollars for this concept since 2012 and with a sustained increase each year).

I followed these steps and learned how to buy Apple stock in Hong Kong:

1. I chose an Internet negotiation service, in the country they operate through reliable and easily accessible applications. This digital platform must fulfill the following functions:

  •  Provide comprehensive assistance to the user, generally, they offer various service channels, extensive educational content and all information related to financial markets.
  •  Guarantee the integrity of data and funds deposited.
  •  Offer a simple process to buy shares, as well as additional options that allow you to generate income.

2. Fill in the registration form, at the end of this process you can install the software on your cell phone or notebook. You also choose the asset from the varied list, in this case "AAPL" (from large companies like Apple and any public company in the United States that is listed on the stock market).

3. Enter the amount you want to invest, some services accept deposits in Hong Kong dollars (at the dollar exchange rate CCL, MEP or Blue depending on the chosen service). As soon as the money hits the investment account, you choose the amount and open a purchase order.

How to invest in Apple shares? 

Today you can understand how to invest in Apple stocks easily, however, to achieve positive results you have to develop skills and get the necessary experience. In that sense, there are some services that provide technical assistance and educational content, key elements for any beginning user.

Investing in stocks online requires experience, tenacity and a lot of knowledge to succeed. Therefore, trading applications are facilitating the learning process every year.

With the purchase of shares you can receive profits generated by the company, although some in the technology sector do not pay dividends, Apple has benefited its shareholders for 8 years (in mid-May it paid dividends to shareholders with a 6% increase over the previous year). In addition, the company's financial situation showed significant stability in 2020, with a market capitalisation of close to USD 2 billion, while its market valuation reached a similar amount in the last quarter.

Invest in Apple shares
Invest in Apple shares

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) also offer an excellent opportunity, with CFDs you do not buy securities, you can invest on price variations based on established predictions (if this prediction coincides at the time of closing, you receive a return that will be relative to your investment).

It is recommended that before making an investment (with any of the previous options) you have relevant data, tutorials and test applications available to you. There is no doubt that this is a crucial phase to obtain satisfactory results. Next, I know some elements that will serve as support:

  •  Skill: practice is vital to achieve skills, besides knowing and understanding the essential operation, it also allows to design a personalized plan (that fits the income and financial objectives of the investors).
  •  Knowledge: it represents a "fundamental base" during the training, the more knowledge you have about this financial market, the higher the chances of success. Generally, operators offer an educational section, you can review updated stock quotes, characteristics of the instrument, trading conditions, among others.  

Apple Stock Investment Platform 

It is a service that allows access from various interconnected media, users can enter from any terminal equipment (computer or intelligent mobile devices). This innovative concept allows for the reduction of operating costs, streamlining of processes and administrative procedures, as well as a better business experience.

The platforms represent "a gateway" to the international market. In Hong Kong they not only facilitate access without the need to invest a lot of money, but they also make it possible to avoid the effects of the economic crisis and achieve better profits. They effectively provide a service tailored to the needs and expectations.

Apple Shares - Stock Quotes
Apple Shares - Stock Quotes

How to invest in Apple using Hong Kong dollar savings? You can find the answer in these online services, some accept local payment methods to receive deposits in Hong Kong dollars, you choose the most convenient and fastest option. In addition, you can have all the information you need to invest in apple: opening hours, news highlights, real-time quotes and trading conditions.

How to start investing in Apple shares? 

Information about Apple shares on the platform
Information about Apple shares on the platform

Each application sets particular terms and conditions, however, they are flexible enough to buy shares with little money and minimum requirements. In addition, the following aspects should be taken into account:

  •  Choose a service that offers the best conditions for you, some platforms have a design oriented to beginners who want to prepare themselves in the area.
  • Develop a strategy that is in line with your purposes and current situation.
  •  Analyze all the elements that can influence the price of a stock, so you can make more sensible predictions in each operation.

How to register? 

As soon as you select the application, you can register using the following steps:

1. Complete the form with your personal email address and a password that will allow access from any device.

2. You receive a link to validate the registered email address, once you click from the mailbox, the registration is completed.

3. Download the application on your computer or cell phone, after installing you can enter the account.

4. Before making the first deposit it is advisable to verify the account, all services require it and it is a requirement for each withdrawal. It involves sending (in digital format) the document (photo of the DNI), as well as a service invoice to verify the home address.

How to open a demo account? 

You can open the demo account when registering, it is usually free and includes a capital to practice (virtual money). When you log in (with email and password), you have the possibility to know all the operation of the application. This practice account is important at the beginning, you can know the enabled markets with their great variety of assets. It also represents an opportunity to learn about fundamental analysis.

How to open a real account? 

It is enabled at the end of the registration, in fact, you can change your account (demo-real) when you consider necessary. Most novice users adapt to the demo version (learn the basics and gain experience) before making their first stock investment.

How to replenish a deposit? 

Before investing in the short or long term, you have to deposit in the real account. You choose between the accepted means of payment, you enter the amount and the currency to start the process (it may take up to 24 hours, but it depends on each option).

Minimum deposit amount 

This is an amount set by the service provider, although some may require a deposit of more than USD 400, you can also get reliable platforms that accept a minimum of USD 10.

How to withdraw money? 

You have to complete a form to withdraw funds, as soon as you send the request, you can select the means of payment and the amount to withdraw. It should be noted that most services apply extraction fees.

Security of Apple stock investments 

Investment in equity instruments (in this case Apple shares) is secure, both data and user money are kept safe by computer and financial security standards. The most reliable applications comply with all the standards established by regulatory bodies.

How safe is it to invest in Apple shares? 

Although there is a risk (per se) in all types of investment, the purchase or sale of shares is executed under terms and conditions established by the operator. However, the strategies and decisions of each operation are at the discretion of the user, the service provides a means for them to be carried out in a simple and transparent way.

Is It Safe To Invest In Apple Stock Online? 

Apple is a company that has demonstrated operational and financial stability and is one of the leaders in the global technology sector. In addition, it offers a significant return on shares. On the other hand, if you invest through CFDs you can have special functions to manage risk in a personalized way.

How can I safely invest in Apple shares online? 

You can use the variety of indicators and functions for technical analysis, it is a frequently used method for the forecast of possible changes of the value. Although Apple is a highly capitalised and profitable company, it is also important to review the factors that can influence its actions.

Are my investments in Apple shares protected? 

Yes, operators must comply with specific rules for the proper safeguarding of funds deposited by all users. However, remember that the results of each operation obey the decisions of the user.


Why invest in Apple?

It offers the possibility of real (long term) profits when selling shares, in addition to the dividends that can be produced according to commercial and stock market results.

You can use leverage in CFD trading, it is an alternative to increase investment and get better returns on successful days.

Through specialized online services (platforms), they offer a reliable means to acquire or trade shares. They also provide educational content for less experienced users.

Between 31 July and the end of November 2020, the share price exceeded USD 100, reaching a maximum of USD 134 per share.

The most recent payment was made on 14 November 2020 for investors who registered at the close of business on 7 November, at USD 0.77/share.

The company paid USD 0.77 per share in November 2020.

Apple shares have maintained their upward direction with relative stability in the last quarter of 2020.

They fell at the end of the first quarter (due to the pandemic and restrictions in the countries where the company operates).

It rebounded (from Q2 onwards) on the basis of trading results and level of capitalisation.

I chose one of the online trading services that operate throughout the country (there are a number of digital platforms dedicated to this financial sector). Registration is totally free, you can invest without much money and safely.

I got a service that accepts a small amount for deposit, but is reliable and recognized enough. You can also get return by investing in price movements for a specific time

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