Instructions on how to download the IQ Option X apk app

1. Create your account

Enter your email and come up with a new password. You will need these details for entering the trading room.

2. Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

3. Enter the trading room NOW with your details to try the best trading platform for free

4. Download the IQ Option X apk application to your phone

5. Enter the trading room and find many helpful tutorials and videos there. Good luck!

What is IQ Option X apk?

Broker IQ Option does not stop there, continuing to improve every day. The platform serves millions of users who have chosen it, because there is no more innovative and reliable system to be found. The creators of the platform have expanded its features and services, in turn creating the IQ Option X Mobile App, which allows users to access all services using only their smartphone. 

IQ Option is one of the most advanced platforms for traders. In many ways, this trading platform surpasses many competitors. It is a platform with fixed profit, so each client knows how much to increase his capital and how much to lose in case of an unsuccessful deal.

An advanced mobile trading platform
An advanced mobile trading platform

IQ Option X APK works on iOs and Android devices. The interface and all tools are identical to the one on PC. With this feature, every user will be able to make trades at any convenient time and place. After completion of a deal, all the charts are stored in the system and can be viewed and analyzed at any time, and a strategy can be identified. You can constantly study and improve your results.

How to download IQ Option X apk? 

Using the IQ Option application, the user can travel, spend time in nature and do whatever he/she wants, because from now on, there is no need to sit in front of the computer. All transactions can be done safely on your gadget, which will make your day a lot easier.

The IQ Option X apk download is free from the official website. 

How to register with IQ Option X APK APP?

If you want to trade on the mobile web-based version of the IQ Option trading platform, you can easily do so, but first you need to register or log in if you have already registered with the site before.

So, after IQOption X APK download, there will be a registration stage. Here you need to enter the details requested by the system. Be sure to enter the correct email address and a secure password. Read the 'Terms and Conditions' and click on 'Open a free account'. You will be asked to choose between live and demo accounts.

In order to trade on a live account, you must deposit at least $10 into your wallet. You can check the exact terms and conditions at the time of registration, as they may change slightly. 

Deposit and withdrawal

In order to deposit, you should choose a convenient way and make a payment. Methods of deposit are varied. The popular method is the payment card. You have to give your card details as you would do with an ordinary online shop. 

The withdrawal is carried out instantly to any payment system in the world. Usually the money is transferred to the same system as the customer's card which was used for the deposit.

Functions of the IQ Option X APK

If you are familiar with the terminal on the website, it will be easy for you to adapt to the application. But even if you are a beginner, you will enjoy working with the terminal, because it is simple and most importantly intuitive. You can customize the platform to suit your needs, including features like chart type, colors, scale and indicators. By the way, the application has detailed charts, indicators and other tools for analysis, which is very convenient for traders.

Study on the platform
Study on the platform

Traders see all the information about quotes online, can easily place limit and market orders, use leverage, stop-loss, and quickly switch accounts.

Any beginner will be able to understand the IQ Option X, but there are instructional videos on various topics, just in case.

Here are some of the available features of the terminal:

  • Your trading history, which displays all of your trades.
  • Click on the plus sign at the top of the screen to select your trading instruments.
  • A leaderboard showing other traders' achievements.
  • Displays tournaments which are about to start.
  • Market analysis, which gives you quick access to a list of the most popular assets and calendars. This function is very handy for fundamental analysis.
  • Quick contact with customer support.
  • Various video tutorials.
  • Charts, indicators and other analysis tools.
Various indicators are available to you
Various indicators are available to you

Demo account

One of the unique features of the broker is that you can hone your skills on a demo account, which you can open for free. The IQ Option X APK download is available for you to practice on a demo account. You will be given a large amount of virtual money, which you can spend as you see fit and learn from there.

To switch between accounts, click on your balance in the top right corner. Make sure you are in the trading room. The panel that opens shows you all your accounts: your real account and your demo account. Click on the account to make it active and use it for trading.

Demo account for beginners
Demo account for beginners

Assets to Trade

IQ Option provides the ability to trade hundreds of underlying assets, including:

  • Currency pairs.
  • Commodities, including Metals and Oil.
  • Stocks of different companies.
  • Indices and ETFs.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
Choose from a variety of assets
Choose from a variety of assets

Technical Support

If you have any questions, you can contact the support team, working 24/7. You can solve your questions online with an operator or with a free phone call.


The IQ Option Mobile application is implemented in both Android and IOS in its unique design, which makes working with them pleasant and easy. Now, more details about the advantages of the mobile version of the popular brokerage platform:

  • The same speed of operation as when using a PC. This is especially true for withdrawals, as it is often necessary to withdraw a certain amount urgently and the app can easily handle this. Transfers of any amount are made in minimum time, regardless of whether you are sending money to a bank card or an e-wallet.
  • The app is translated into different languages so that the user can always choose the one that suits them best and is more convenient for them. You can also work with different currencies, which also opens up a wide range of possibilities.
  • Regular online statistics. Any price fluctuations will be shown on your phone, so you'll always be aware of the slightest changes on the market.
  • Instant response to any action. If a user needs to close a transaction, the transaction will be completed immediately, because the creators of App IQ Option know better than anyone that any delay costs money.
  • Convenient working conditions. Only using this platform, you will face the possibility of making a deposit of only $10 or a bet of $1. At the same time, you can also open your own demo account to which virtual money will be transferred, solely for the user to be able to test the whole service and its features.

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