To start trading, it is enough to have a laptop or phone connected to the Internet, $ 10 in the account and the desire to understand all the intricacies. The next small step is to practice on a practice account, where users improve their own trading skills and strategies as they gain experience.

What is a demo account? 

The demo account is a learning tool. However, the first thing you should do is to realize that if you want to learn how to make money, the IQ Option demo account must be taken seriously as real.

Even for experienced investors, demo IQ Option provides great opportunities. It is good to have the opportunity to practice and the right to make mistakes. Feel free to use a demo account to try out the basic functionality of the platform. Almost anyone can learn the basics of trading and start trading. It is important to make every effort and focus on achieving your goals. Good luck!

Features and tools of  IQ Option demo account
Features and tools of IQ Option demo account

How does a demo account work? 

You can use the IQ Option free demo account to test your capabilities or, for example, to see the dynamics of dividend accrual on securities or a portfolio. The main danger of the IQ Option demo account is its unreality. In fact, on the IQ Option free demo version, the user can trade almost without restrictions. As a result, boundaries are blurred for many.

Use the IQ Option demo account login to learn how to trade or track instruments.

For a novice user, a practice account provides the following features:

  • understand how the trading platform works;
  • learn the basics of trading and learn not to make too big mistakes;
  • work out the first steps without spending real money;
  • learn and practice the first strategy.

IQ Option free demo account is a practice account where everyone makes mistakes. Do not blame yourself for miscalculations and unsuccessful transactions - you are learning. You improve and move forward.

Use the demo in the mobile app
Use the demo in the mobile app

Features and limitations of a demo account

It seems to many that investing is difficult, requires special knowledge and is not suitable for everyone. In fact, everyone can learn how to invest, the main thing is the right attitude and motivation. Each user needs time to understand how to open a demo account with IQ Option, how to choose their own user-friendly interface.

Be patient, and after a few repetitions of the IQ Option demo login, trading will seem easy and understandable. You will succeed!

But there are mistakes that can hurt your career from the very first steps. They are not related to calculations, but to the principles of work. And these mistakes should be avoided.

  1. Open trades according to a strategy or algorithm, and not on a whim, because you feel like it. Only strategy lies at the heart of success. Planning, analysis and strategy. After logging into the IQ Option demo account, you can open a couple of trades just to understand the system, but when you learn exactly how to trade, open trades deliberately, make an algorithm and work on it.

  2. Set stop losses. Stop is your protection against deposit drain. Imagine that you did not put a stop, the trade reversed, and you no longer have the opportunity to change something.

  3. Calculate the trade entry volume. For profitable trades, the accuracy of the calculation of the stop, lot, deposit is important.

  4. Maintain trader statistics. Statistics is a reflection of your trading. Improvement tool.

At the start of their activity with demo account IQ Option, each beginner first of all needs to figure out what tools can be used to participate in trading.

Read the latest news and move on to real trading! Start trading with IQ Option!
Read the latest news and move on to real trading! Start trading with IQ Option!

The following assets are used for trading: 

  • Securities - shares;
  • Currency;
  • ETFs and indices;
  • Cryptocurrency;
  • Futures;
  • Options, etc.

The list of assets used on the IQ Option demo account is varied. Therefore, before making a choice of trading instruments, a novice user is advised to familiarize himself in detail with the features of each of them.

To predict in which direction prices will move in the future, you can use technical and fundamental analysis on a demo account. The difference between these types of analysis lies in the forecasting tools. Technical analysis is a way of predicting future value using charts and indicators. Fundamental analysis is a method of predicting prices using the financial performance of a company and calculating the intrinsic value of the company.

By making an IQ Option login demo, you will have access to the charting tools. They show details such as volume, average price, highs and lows, currency pairs, and moving averages. These tools also help to identify entry and exit points for trades.


  • line chart.
  • bar chart.
  • candlestick chart.
  • cluster chart (footprint).
  • time-independent graphs.

IQ Option free demo account contains many types of charts with numerous settings. You can even create your own unique chart with a unique set of indicators to get exclusive market signals.


To date, there are a sufficient number of various indicators. Therefore, it is often difficult to choose the most suitable one among them. But if you choose the right tool, it will help you build your trading style and become a reliable assistant to make a profit. Classification of indicators according to their functional purpose:

  • Trend indicators are used to identify trends in price movement.
  • Oscillators. Difference (differential) algorithms are used. This allows you to instantly respond to a change in the direction of quotes.
  • Volume indicators. They easily make corrections to almost any price movement.
  • Others. This group includes non-standard indicators, the action of which does not fit into the functionality of the considered ones. So, these include tools for constructing non-standard charts, tools for assessing the mutual influence of assets, etc.

With the IQ Option login demo, the user can try different types of orders. Teams can complement or cancel each other, insure risks, “guard” profits. 

Try the best indicators
Try the best indicators

Main types: 

  • market - executed immediately ( Buy and Sell);
  • limit or deferred — when the forecast made by the user is executed (Buy and Sell limit, Buy and Sell stop);
  • limiting (stop orders) - protect against risks, allowing you to save profit or prevent losses when an unfavorable forecast is executed (Take profit and Stop loss);
  • conditional - mutually canceling or mutually triggering commands that contain a list of conditions and behaviors.

Asset trading software developers are paying more and more attention to mobile platforms. Now you can interact with the market using a phone or tablet, which allows the bidder to work and make deals anywhere. 

To start trading from scratch, a beginner needs to decide on an asset, learn the basics of analysis and have a minimum deposit to trade. We wish you a successful investment! 

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

How to use a demo account? 

The biggest disadvantage of a demonstrative account is that you won’t earn real profit on it. So, in order to earn money, you need to switch to a real account. To switch to working on a real account, trading on an IQ Option demo account must bring a stable profit. There is no point in dwelling on it for too long. This mode only allows you to master the basic skills of trading.

If you sit out on the practice account, then the fear only intensifies. Many immediately enter the market after studying the terminal in order to learn from real capital and avoid pitfalls. After all, trading is making money, and, as we said, you can make money on the real one.

How to open a demo account in IQ Option? 

IQ Option demo account sign up is quite easy! It is enough to follow the link, fill in the form fields and confirm the registration. It is important to do this so that you always and everywhere have access to the trading platform and trading accounts opened on it.

Receive $10000 on IQ OPTION demo account to experiment platform
Receive $10000 on IQ OPTION demo account to experiment platform

Open a demo account for the amount you plan to open and a real one. The minimum deposit is $10,000. If you run out of virtual money, you can very easily the IQ Option demo account reset. 

How to login to demo account IQ Option?

After registration, in your personal account, select "My accounts" - "Open a demo account". Congratulations, now you can start learning the secrets of profitable trading!

Replenish your real account from only 10 $
Replenish your real account from only 10 $

How to log out of demo account IQ Option?

Fear of switching to a real account - everyone has this. But those traders who overcome it become profitable. Determine whether you are ready for the exchange, not by the time spent studying, but by personal feelings. If you feel more or less confident, you can move on to real trading. Make an IQ Option reset demo account, and start trading for real right now! 

A huge amount of training material is freely available, which is enough to master the basics. Moreover, in the financial markets, information is available equally to both you and professional users. The market changes daily, so there are still no separate faculties and institutions for investing and trading on the stock exchanges. Success in this comes only with participation, not training. Go for it, successful bidding!

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