Buying Coca Cola shares can be an opportunity for Hong Kong residents, who every day are looking at new ways to invest and look after their savings. For today innovative models have emerged that allow investment in the largest companies in the United States. 

How to buy Coca Cola shares? 

The purchase of shares represents one of the "investment routes" for long-term profits, however, the dividend received depends on stock prices and the company's trading performance (for this reason they are known as equity instruments).

You can now buy securities from large companies such as Coca Cola - in fact, any Hong Kong resident can do so if they meet a minimum set of requirements, use a small portion of their savings and have an internet connection. Technology has not only made access easier, it has also made it possible to create services that are tailored to needs.

However, check all asset-related information before you buy (in this case Coca Cola shares). It analyses possible returns through indicators such as dividend yield (3.17% in November 2020), the company has paid out this benefit practically since its inception (on a quarterly basis) and with an increase for each year.

Coca Cola is a stable company and consumers love its products; it has sufficient financial, operational and organisational capacity to overcome situations that could affect its growth.

Invest in Coca Cola shares
Invest in Coca Cola shares

Find out how to buy Coca Cola shares in Hong Kong

1. Select an online trading platform, the most reliable and recognised in the industry operate in Hong Kong. If you are a novice and want to know how to invest in Coca Cola, check out the following highlights of the service:

  •  Providing full support to investors, it is important that you have several means of contact, as well as a dedicated training and coaching programme.
  •  Ensure the security of information and capital deposited for investment.
  •  Ease of operation, allowing you to buy or sell shares quickly and transparently.

2. Register your data and open the account, once this step has been completed you can install the application on a personal device (telephone and/or computer). Then you choose "KO" in the list of enabled assets (you can choose between companies like "Coca Cola Company" and any other public company that quotes shares).

3. Choose the amount you want to deposit, there are applications that accept deposits in Hong Kong dollars (through domestic payment). The transaction takes only a few minutes, once the money is enabled in the application you can buy Coca Cola shares.

How to invest in Coca Cola shares? 

It takes "added value" to be successful in the financial markets. These are integral skills that can be developed through knowledge and experience. For this reason, online services provide training tools and didactic content.

When buying shares you have 2 return options, through the dividends forged by the company and with the sale of shares (as long as the value experiences a positive change).

Information to buy Coca Cola shares
Information to buy Coca Cola shares

The first option is highly appreciated for the "dividend hunt", Coca Cola pays 4 times a year and with a sustained increase in each quarter. While the sale depends on the price of the shares, this value can increase depending on the company's business results and financial situation (which generates confidence in investors). Coca Cola has dominated the soft drink business for decades, with a market capitalisation of over $220 billion. In addition, it has the best market valuation in its sector, are outstanding data to take into account.

While CFD's offer a different opportunity, this option does not involve the purchase of equities, but rather focuses on fluctuations in value according to the position being held (if this forecast is accurate at the time the trade is closed, then you get an income that will be inherent in the trade).

In any case, before buying Coca Cola shares (or any other instrument), it is advisable to have updated information, instructions and demo versions available in the service. The training stage is important if you want to earn money from the activity, the following elements can support this:

  •  Skills: constant training is key to stock trading, as well as understanding every detail of the basic fundamentals. In addition, during the process you have the opportunity to create strategies (that fit your capacity and financial plan).
  •   Understanding: the main objective in learning this business, a better knowledge of how to invest in Coca Cola shares will allow you to achieve better results. You can support yourself with the instructional material provided by the services, as well as updated information in real time (change statistics, relevant details about the instrument, contract conditions, etc.).

Coca Cola stock investment platform 

These services "broke" with many restrictions, anyone who wants to invest their savings can do so in the international market, starting with a minimum of capital and from the mobile phone. Nowadays you can achieve profitability online, you don't need to use large amounts of money or master every detail. Business applications can give you easy access, as well as teach you the basics of the business.

Digital applications allow you to choose from a wide range of assets (from a company with growth prospects, to the "giants of the industry"). You will also have access to data on: news and financial situation of the company, market hours, background (up to 1 year's history) and all information related to the asset.

The platforms provide an accessible space to improve the experience, users can make an investment from their personal computer, deposit from the phone and close the deal from the website with another computer.

On the other hand, they facilitate technical analysis through advanced indicators and various support options such as: warnings about high fluctuations, advanced options to optimize results, interactive forums, etc.

Calendar of earnings from Coca-Cola shares
Calendar of earnings from Coca-Cola shares

How to start investing in Coca Cola shares? 

You can invest in coca cola shares or other foreign companies through the SIC, although the system allows a local alternative, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements (demanded by the brokerage houses) that are limiting for most (high amounts of capital). In addition, this option requires a significant amount of money to pay operating fees and national taxes.   

The online applications offer a new modality, have been designed under the principle of inclusion and easy access, have adequate requirements and allow trading at low cost. Check the following elements before starting the activity:

  •  Choose a service according to your business profile (if you are a beginner, make sure you have instructions and technical support, as well as flexibility in the minimum requirements).
Coca-Cola Stock Trading Conditions
Coca-Cola Stock Trading Conditions
  •  Develop a conservative strategy (during training), allowing you to gain confidence and understand every detail of the activity without worrying about losing or gaining cash.
  •  Study and analyse all aspects of the asset, here you can practice "fundamental analysis", it will help you to improve the results in each operation.

How to register? 

Registration is a very simple procedure, usually you will have to complete the following steps:

1. Go to the service's official website and select "Register".  Fill in the form with basic data such as: email and a password.

2. In a few seconds you will receive a confirmation email, you will only have to click on the link to finish the process.

3. Download and install the software on your devices, then you will be able to log in (using your registered username and password) to start the activities.

4. It is also important that you verify your account (recommended before depositing real money). Just send images of your official ID and service bill (it must be in your name and include your current address). 

How to open a demo account? 

The registration allows you to enter the demo account for free, it has a pre-loaded fund for you to make recognition trades (it's artificial money, so you won't have to worry about negative results).

In this type of account you will be able to have all the functionalities that the service offers (just as in the real version). Get to know the trading options and the instruments enabled, you will have the opportunity to know how and when to place an order.

How to open a real account? 

It is also enabled with registration, after knowing all the functions and practicing in the demo account you can switch to the real account with a "click". It should be noted that in this version if you use your money and you will have to make a deposit.

How to deposit funds? 

Enter the "Deposit" option to choose the payment method according to your preferences or needs. The transaction may have an additional charge according to the option selected.

Minimum deposit amount 

It is a minimum amount required for the service, therefore, each company establishes an amount according to the investor, type of account and the conditions of the provider. You can get excellent options from 10 dollars.

How to withdraw money? 

Although the withdrawal procedure is similar to a deposit, in this case you will have to complete a form to request the withdrawal of funds. Once the request is approved, you select the payment method, and the amount to start the transaction (it can take up to 3 working days).

Security of Coca Cola stock investments 

The platforms that operate in Hong Kong to invest in stocks employ high standards of data security, they are also services with a long history and worldwide recognition.

How safe is it to invest in Coca Cola shares? 

Online applications provide a secure digital environment, however, the manoeuvres, strategies or plans used in each operation are personalised and under the responsibility of the user.

Is it safe to invest in Coca Cola shares online? 

Totally safe, the service guarantees the integrity of personal information and capital deposited. Check all the recommendations, instructions and advice provided in the application.

How to invest safely in Coca Cola shares online? 

It analyses the possible variations that the price of a share may experience. You can review the relevant information, as well as the factors that influence these changes.

Are my investments in Coca Cola shares protected? 

 Yes, these services comply with regulations related to the security of the money deposited.


Why invest in Coca Cola?

If you buy Coca Cola shares you can benefit from dividends (relative to the volume invested). You can also get a return on the sale, but it depends on the increase in value.

Leverage can improve your potential return, but it's advisable to practice enough in the demo version to know the possible changes that can occur.

Use online business applications, they provide a secure environment to acquire the asset you need.

On specialist online trading and buying platforms, designed to make the process easier.

In December 2020, the KO price was over USD 52.

The payment date is 15/12 for the fourth quarter 2020.

The company will pay 0.41 with a yield of 3.18%.

Coca-Cola pays dividends four times a year on a quarterly basis based on trading results.

During the month of November 2020 they have remained relatively stable at over 52.02.

They experienced an abrupt fall (60%) in March due to the pandemic.

They have recovered the upward trend progressively from Q2 onwards, driven by increased sales in important regions.

You can select one of the applications available online, they allow a free registration so you can know the advantages and basic functions.

Choose a reliable platform that allows you to acquire the asset, after registration you will only have to enter the application to deposit and make the purchase. They also offer an easy to use interface (you can also use the beginner's guides).

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