What are IQ Option? 

IQ Option is a trading platform where you can start your journey into the world of trading. The range of assets is quite large and the company is constantly adding new ones to its platform.


  • CFDs on currency pairs
  • Share CFDs
  • Commodity CFDs
  • CFDs on ETFs
  • Options CFDs
  • Cryptocurrency CFDs

In other words, a CFD is a simple agreement between a seller and a buyer that the difference between the price of a contract at the time of opening (buy) and closing (sell) will be paid. The trader has the opportunity to sell and buy, making a profit or loss due to changes in the price of an asset.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

In order to successfully trade on CFD contracts, it is important to develop the psychological component, to measure the risks that everyone is ready to take on. Equally important is the experience that can only be acquired in the process of trading. Register and try to practice your trading skills without making a deposit!

Young traders have access to the FAQ section, where you can find answers to all the main questions, as well as the video training section, where there are more than 20 videos.

Before answering the question of what is IQ Option and how it works, it should be noted that the main feature of the platform is that it can be used not only online or download a smartphone. The IQ Option top platform can be downloaded to a computer with any operating system. At the same time, the application installed on the computer works faster due to the fact that it loads the processor less and connects to the server faster than through the browser.

Why choose the IQ Options platform?
Why choose the IQ Options platform?

IQ Option how it works? 

Before plunging into the world of trading, you need to familiarize yourself with IQ Option how it works.

On any version of the platform, the user gets access to all financial products. Nowadays, mobile trading is very important because the markets are open 24/7 and you can check them from your mobile phone. You can use the same tools as you would on a computer for chart analysis and trading.

IQ Option offers additional features: participation in online tournaments. The winner is the trader who, according to the results of the tournament, has the largest account balance.

Online tournaments are a competition in which all interested traders can take part. To do this, you only need to deposit a certain amount in the bank.

The platform is quite user-friendly and intuitive. The main elements are concentrated on the edges of the chart. By clicking on the icons, you can see your trading history, market news, select the chart type, indicators and time frame. 

IQ Option Platform has news incorporated
IQ Option Platform has news incorporated

Technical analysis 

Most traders use technical analysis to trade successfully. The platform offers a large number of different tools and indicators for your analysis. In addition, you can customize them as you wish, and save different settings as a template to replicate them on different charts. Users can first try it all on a demo account.

Graphing tools 

On the platform, 4 types of charts are available to traders: linear, candles, bars and Heikin-Ashi. Graphical tools are also implemented: line segment, ray, horizontal and vertical lines, Fibonacci lines.

You can choose different timeframes on the platform. Different time periods are available with automatic change of the interval. On a line chart, this is not very important, but when trading by candlesticks, it plays a huge role.


  • The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a momentum indicator.
  • Moving Average (MA). The moving average smooths out the price fluctuations of an asset to highlight the direction of the trend.
  • Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD). It is used when predicting the price movement due to the relationship of two moving averages.
  • Stochastic RSI is an oscillator that tracks price movement and determines whether an asset is overbought/oversold. The indicator is most effective as a filter.
  • Bollinger Bands is a trend indicator consisting of a moving average and two bands that are dynamic support and resistance levels. In addition to the direction of the trend, BB also determines the volatility of the asset.
  • Volume indicator. Used to determine the reliability of a formed trend, namely how many traders are buying or selling an asset at the current moment. The higher the volume of buying or selling, the stronger the trend.

To obtain more objective information about the market, it is worth using several indicators at the same time. Trade smart!

IQ Option indicators
IQ Option indicators

Order types 

Stop-loss and Take-profit management is one of the most important concepts in a trading platform. These trade orders are used to exit the market in the right way and at the right time.

A stop loss is an order that you send to your broker to automatically close a position. By opening a stop loss, you determine the amount of money you are willing to risk on any given trade.

Take profit works in a similar way and allows you to take profit when the price reaches a certain level. Take-profit orders give traders the opportunity to take money when a trade is at its peak. The art of managing take profit orders is to choose the right moment and close the trade before the trend reverses.

The best indicators for managing Stop-loss and Take-profit are: Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Index and Average Directional Movement Index.

Learn how to use stop orders
Learn how to use stop orders

How to trade? 

Trading CFD contracts allows you to optimize risks and use a regular strategy. CFDs can be bought or sold. If you buy a CFD, you are predicting that the price will go up, and therefore if the asset goes up, you will make money. If you sell CFDs, you predict that the price will fall. That is, if the price of an asset falls, you will make a profit.

A trader should decide which asset is more interesting for him to trade: in the short, medium or long term. With short-term trading, the transaction remains open for several hours, but less than one day. In medium-term trading, the transaction remains open for several days, but not more than a week. On average, 30-60 minutes are spent on trading to control the situation on the market.

The duration of a long-term transaction ranges from a week to several months. Transactions are controlled less intensively, it is enough to monitor the situation on the market every three or four days.

To choose the right option for trading CFD contracts, first of all, you need to assess the psychological stability of the trader. For example, short-term trading is very stressful, while long-term trading requires sufficient trading experience.

To practice trading skills, you can use a demo account, this requires registration. Proper preparation will largely be the key to a successful start. Take control of your financial future now!

How to register? 

In order to start trading on the IQ Option platform, you need to register. It's simple and easy to do! To register on IQ Option, you need to fill out a simple form and select an account version. The result of successful registration should be receiving, to the specified e-mail, a letter to confirm registration.

Click on the button below and start earning today! You may want to try your strategy on a demo account, this is also possible, and it's free! Follow the link now, don't waste your time!

Open demo account in IQ Option platform
Open demo account in IQ Option platform

Trading accounts 

After creating an account, you will be able to log in to your personal IQ Option account. As a result, different types of accounts will be opened for you.

Training account 

A demo account allows young traders to practice their trading skills without making a deposit. When registering a demo account, you will immediately receive an amount of $10,000. If this amount is not enough for you, then you can always get the same amount again.

Receive $10000 on IQ OPTION demo account to experiment platform
Receive $10000 on IQ OPTION demo account to experiment platform

VIP account 

VIP account is the same real account, only if it is replenished with a fixed deposit according to the country. On this account, the user receives additional features: a personal manager, training materials, free participation in tournaments, unique promotions and other unique offers.

Real account 

Real account - a trader opens when a minimum deposit of $10 is made to the account. After that, you can trade all available assets.


You can use any Visa, Mastercard or Maestro debit or credit card (only with CVV) or e-wallet such as Skrill, Neteller or others. There is no commission for making a deposit.

If the user is unable to replenish the account from a bank card, then try depositing funds through a computer, first deleting temporary files (cache and cookies) in the browser. The deposit may be rejected if an incorrect 3-D Secure code (one-time code from the bank) is entered. If you have not received an SMS message from the bank, contact the bank for clarification.

IQ Option offers variety of deposit methods
IQ Option offers variety of deposit methods

How to trade? 

The optimal time for trading depends on the chosen strategy and some other factors. We advise you to pay attention to the schedule of trading sessions, since during the intersection of the American and European sessions, there is a large price movement in such currency pairs as EUR/USD. It is also necessary to follow the news on the market, which may affect the movement of the asset you have chosen. Inexperienced traders who do not read the news and do not understand the reason for price fluctuations are not recommended to trade at times when prices are very dynamic.

Trading on the IQ Option platform provides for the possibility of using a multiplier (leverage), which helps the trader to open a position that exceeds the amount of money invested in it. At the same time, the potential profitability increases many times over, as well as the risks. By investing $100, a trader can expect a return comparable to that of a $1,000 investment. This is what makes a multiplier so valuable. However, it should be remembered that potential losses also increase in the same way.


The method of withdrawing funds depends on the method of depositing funds into the account.

On the IQ Option platform, withdrawals start from $2. If there is less on the account, then you need to contact support. Online technical support responds within a few minutes, after which all available funds will be withdrawn to the client.

Choose a convenient way to transfer funds to the account
Choose a convenient way to transfer funds to the account


The platform does not charge fees for making a deposit.

Broker commissions are minimal, and therefore the IQ Option platform is very popular with traders.

Now that you have read what is IQ Option and how it works, you can register to get started on a demo account. This is a training mode where the trader does not risk his money. Use your chance to earn today!

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