Company Profile

IQ Option is a broker that has been operating since 2013. To date, the number of its customers is more than 49 million. The company offers a convenient trading platform, a free demo account and a special type of transactions, the profit of which depends on the intensity of exchange rate fluctuations. The profitability of such transactions can reach up to 900%. The brand also offers attractive features, 24/7 support and allows you to start trading with a minimum investment of just $10 or ¥71. This IQ Option review will be your guide to the platform.

Trade on the best online platform
Trade on the best online platform


IQ Option platform is an association of experienced IT specialists, competent managers and talented analysts. This synthesis allows you to achieve a phenomenal result. No wonder this particular broker has won many prestigious awards. At various times, the brand has received the following awards:

  • In 2014, the broker received the award as "Best Trading Platform"
  • In 2016, the IQ Option mobile app received the "Best Technology App" award.
  • In 2017 "Seal of Excellence" at the Communicator Awards.
  • Award from Business Initiative Directions for commitment to customer experience.
Multi Award broker works for you
Multi Award broker works for you

Regulation and Licensing

The legislation of any country obliges brokers to carry out internal control procedures, which are designed to conduct the company's activities in accordance with the legislation of the country. The owner of the domain and all rights Goshawk Finance LLC is legally registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under the registration number. No. 1988 LLC 2022 and the broker is allowed to provide services/ products through the website. Hong Kong local law does not restrict a broker to provide services over the Internet.

Join millions of traders
Join millions of traders

Markets and Assets

The broker offers the client a wide range of assets of more than 300 items. Each investor will be able to trade popular and exotic currency pairs, stock indices, stocks from leading issuers, cryptocurrencies, as well as commodity market instruments. For trading, you can use CFD or binary options.

CFD does not require a trader to actually buy an asset - it simply allows them to make a profit based on the movement of the asset. Since the price of assets is not an obstacle to making a deal, CFDs also allow you to trade on various global markets. Unlike classic stock trading, CFD trading allows you to take advantage of an existing trend. Key benefits include low trading fees and simplified trade execution (because the asset does not need to be purchased prior to making a trade). In addition to these benefits, CFDs come with multipliers.

On the IQ Option trading platform, you can choose any asset for trading CFDs and binary options. There are over 300 assets here, try them for free on a demo account!

Try CFD trading
Try CFD trading


IQ Option is one of the first Binary options brokers. On the platform, you will be able to trade binary and digital options. These are also derivatives that do not require the purchase of an asset. In practice, the price of options is small, which makes it possible to earn even with a minimum deposit. The minimum transaction amount is only $1.

The result of trading binary options depends on the direction of the price. That is, all you have to do is guess whether the price of the asset will go up or down, and if your prediction was correct, your trade is considered profitable. For digital options, not only the direction of the price is important, but also the price distance from the opening price.

Make money with binary options
Make money with binary options

Binary options: correctly predict whether the price will be higher or lower by the time the trade expires → make a profit. Digital options: make a prediction if the price will be higher or lower → and how far it will be from the strike price by the time the trade expires → make a profit.


Raw materials have always been valued above currency and shares in the sense that without agricultural products, oil, coal, metal and gas, the existence of our civilization is simply impossible. In addition, such exchange-traded assets are more predictable, since all production and sale data are publicly available. You will be able to choose from three assets in this category: gold, BRENT oil, WTI oil.


In IQ Option, you will be able to choose from 23 funds. An ETF is an investment fund that reflects the value of an index or basket of assets and is listed on an exchange like a stock. Due to their accessibility and functionality, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have become incredibly popular with traders looking to diversify their portfolios.


In this category, you will see the widest selection of assets. 188 shares of global companies in various industries. Among them are global giants such as Tesla, Adidas, Visa, Pfizer and others, as well as new companies that can show good dynamics.

Over 300 assets for you
Over 300 assets for you


Forex trading is quite naturally associated with trading in currency pairs. 31 forex pairs are presented on the platform. You can buy CFDs on pairs with leverage up to 1:500. The most popular is  EUR  USD, USD GBP and others. 


Cryptocurrencies are a new and popular tool for speculation. It is one of the most tradable assets today Cryptocurrency CFD is a standard price difference contract, where the underlying asset is digital currencies: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc. In total, 19 cryptocurrencies are offered on the platform.

Try cryptocurrency trading
Try cryptocurrency trading


Using CFDs to trade indices will give you the opportunity to benefit from market fluctuations in both directions. However, remember that this is a tool that can also increase your losses.

Let's take an example of trading with CFDs. If you are trading CFDs on the US 500 Index, then going long is fine when you expect the index to rise in value. If you think that the US 500 will fall, you can open a short position.

Registration in Hong Kong 

To open an IQ Option account, you will need to follow the link below to the official registration form and go through a simple procedure. It will take 2 minutes and after that you will be able to familiarize yourself with the platform and even try free trades on a demo account.

Register for free
Register for free

The following information must be entered in the registration form:

  • Email address
  • Password

After that, it is recommended that you read the "Terms and Conditions" and confirm your age by ticking the appropriate box. Then click the "Open an account for free" button.


Upon completion of registration, a message will appear about opening 2 account types - demo and real.

Open demo and live trades in one account
Open demo and live trades in one account

You can use both accounts at the same time within your account on the platform. Also note that during the trading process, you can easily switch from real to demo account and back with one click. To do this, click on your account balance in the upper right corner of the home screen and change the account type.

Demo account

To start trading on a free demo account, you do not need to make a deposit. After opening an account for demo trading, a trader can open any trades. Here are no restrictions. After that, it is easy to switch to a real account and start making profit, because you will already be familiar with the platform interface, you will know its features, learn how to work with various functions and practice.

On a demo account, a trader can use up to $10,000. If this amount runs out, you can replenish it and start risk-free trading again.

Real account

If you have already trained enough and are ready for real trading, then just click the green "Deposit" button or in your personal account select the menu to replenish your account.

A real account will be opened for you after making a real money deposit of just $10.

On the trading account, you will be able to see the same user friendly interface as in the demo version. Only now all transactions are real, as well as your profit, which you can then withdraw. We remind you that only $1 is enough for one transaction. This is a very small amount that is available to every trader.

Switch between real and demo account
Switch between real and demo account

VIP account

VIP account gives customers such benefits as:

  • Priority when withdraw funds. Upon receipt of VIP status, it takes 1 business day.
  • Personal manager who will be ready to answer questions at any time.
  • Educational materials and unique webinars with trading professionals
  • Increasing the profitability of trade, etc.

To qualify for account verification and be eligible for VIP status, you must:

  1. Have a minimum deposit amount of $2000 within 60 days.
  2. Have a minimum trading volume of $10,000 within 60 days.

It is important to note that both conditions must be met. If you qualify, please write to the support team so that they can request that you become a VIP account.


Identity verification with an IQ Option broker usually takes no more than 3 working days, depending on the time of submission of documents. It is better to verify your account before you are going to replenish your account, this will allow you to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Treat this check as a regular request for an identity check at a bank branch, there is nothing wrong with that, but on the contrary, only prestigious companies have such procedures. As a rule, this may include address verification, Bank Card Verification, etc. The IQ Option website has a secure connection, so you do not need to worry about the leakage of personal data.

Get verified for your account
Get verified for your account

To verify an account with an IQ Option broker, you need to go to the “Personal Data” → “Documents” section in your personal account or click on a separate window in the “Account Verification” menu.


The broker offers an extensive list of different methods of withdrawing and depositing funds. Here you will find the usual bank credit cards with Visa / MasterCard payment systems, as well as wallets from leading electronic money operators. You can choose among several currencies CNY, USD, EUR, GBP.

Please note that when you make your first deposit, you need to select an account currency. Subsequently, you will not be able to change currency.

To replenish your account, register and go to the "replenish account" menu in your personal account.

Choose a convenient deposit method for you
Choose a convenient deposit method for you


The minimum withdrawal amount is $2. To withdraw money, you must:

Step 1. The client, being in his personal account, forms an application for withdrawing the amount. To do this, select the "Withdraw Funds" menu. Select desired payment solution. Next, the account owner enters all the required data.

Step 2. As soon as the withdrawal request is formed, it acquires the status: "Application". Shortly after that, the order goes for processing with a status change: “In progress”, it is at this moment that funds are debited from the personal account balance. After processing the application by the financial service of the company, it acquires the status "Processed", and the money is transferred to the electronic wallet of the payment system specified in the withdrawal order.

Wide range of payment and withdrawal methods
Wide range of payment and withdrawal methods

Important points for withdrawing money from IQ Option: all outgoing requests from clients are processed by the financial department of IQ Option according to the general queue; The standard processing time for an application is three business days.


Each client must be informed of all commissions and fees that may arise in the course of his work. A complete list with a detailed description can be found in the conditions-commissions section.

  • Spread. This is the difference between the selling price and the buying price. The spread value depends on many factors. For example, if the underlying asset is trading at 1.2029, the bid price might be 1.2030 and the ask price might be 1.2028. The spread in this example is 2 pips.
  • Withdrawals. IQ Option does not charge a fee for withdrawing funds for the first time in a month. Further, the withdrawal fee will be 2%.
  • Swap fees. The broker has the right to charge a fee from 0.01% to 0.5% and in exceptional cases up to 1.7% of the nominal value of the position for the transfer of the position to the next day.
  • Inactivity fee. If the client has no transactions for 90 consecutive days or more, the company reserves the right to charge a fee of 10 euros, which is deducted monthly from the amount of the unused balance.

Bonuses and promotions

In addition to its direct trading function, the broker offers various activities to clients. You can follow the announcement in the application or on the company's website. For example, tournaments are very popular with users in recent years.

First of all, to participate in the contest, you must be a registered player on the site, that is, register with a broker as a client. The entrance threshold here is very democratic, so there are no problems with this.

Trade and compete on IQ Option
Trade and compete on IQ Option

Of course, you can choose a free contest for yourself. But to achieve the best result, to get a really big, maximum profit, it is worth investing small funds. In paid tournaments, the prize money is impressive. And it only takes a few dollars to invest. And instantly get a chance to win several hundred or even thousands of dollars.

Trading platform

The online trading platform operates in any browser installed on computers running Windows, MacOs. In addition, you can install the trading application on Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. They all have the same interface, so you won't have to spend a lot of time to master the trading tools.

The trading platform is unique and was developed by IQ Option specialists. According to the company's employees, during its development, traders' reviews were used, which made it possible to make the program the most convenient. All the necessary controls are located very ergonomically, and opening a deal is done in one click of the mouse.

The use of optimized code allowed programmers to make one of the fastest binary options trading programs. The processing speed of an application for opening a lot does not exceed a second, which is important for trading turbo options.

Trade on a convenient platform
Trade on a convenient platform


The PC version of the application is perhaps the most convenient and functional for investors. The broker's trading terminal occupies the entire width of the screen, which is very convenient. It can be conditionally divided into several parts:

  • Assets and platform menu (left side);
  • Price chart and technical instruments (central area);
  • Trading panel (on the right) - settings for binary options and buttons for making deals.

Download for free after registration!

Download free apps
Download free apps

Windows requirements:

  • Operating system Windows 7 or higher;
  • RAM not less than 2 GB;
  • Disk space not less than 130 MB.

MacOS PC requirements:

  • Operating system MacOS X, Yosemite;
  • RAM not less than 2 GB;
  • Disk space not less than 130 MB.


A big plus for traders is the presence of a mobile trading application. You can log in to your account on any Android and iOS mobile device and make profitable deals anywhere in the world where you have access to the World Wide Web.


The web platform is the first platform you see right after registration. It opens in your browser and already here you can start invest money. By the way, in this version you will be offered to install the application for PC for free - take this chance. The only negative of this version is some limitations. For example, not all indicators are available here.

Choose apps for your device
Choose apps for your device


All functions are collected on the platform, from news to work schedule. Using this free platform, you conduct a full transaction cycle from analysis to payment of profits. In addition, the broker offers video training, chats between traders and much more.

Become part of the IQ Option trading community! Trade with IQ Option!

Technical and fundamental analysis 

  • The ability to display a chart of a financial asset in a standard form (lines or areas), in the form of Japanese candlesticks or European bars; on candlestick charts, you can change the timeframes from seconds to a month. Quotes are updated in real time.
Choose and customize your schedule
Choose and customize your schedule
  • Ability to use graphical tools: use support and resistance lines, trend lines and Fibonacci lines directly on the charts;
  • Ability to use standard technical analysis indicators, including moving average, Bollinger bands, Alligator, RSI and so on.
  • Economic calendar - helps to understand where the market is moving and create your own long-term trading strategy.
  • Significant news in the world of finance on the left panel of the platform will also help you conduct fundamental analysis and generally be aware of what is happening in the market.


In addition to a market order that opens here and now, the broker offers tools for more efficient trading. These are the orders:

  • Pending orders partially automate the trading process. This leaves you more time to analyze charts. This allows you to open a trade automatically as soon as the price reaches a predetermined level.
  • Limit orders. The use of Take-profit and Stop-loss is aimed at protecting against unnecessary possible financial risks. This happens through the automatic closing of the transaction when a certain level of profit or loss is reached.
Limit your risk with orders
Limit your risk with orders

Analysis and alerts 

Each trader has the ability to set alerts on their device. They will notify you about changes in the price of the asset you need. Install them on the left panel of the platform.

Risk management 

All of the above tools are one way or another part of risk management. Any trader knows that any trade is a high risk and one should try to adhere to the rules of money management:

  • Before opening trades, conduct a thorough analysis
  • Conduct diversification
  • Do not transfer all your savings to the trading account
  • Use Stop Loss
  • Trade moderately
  • Keep emotions under control

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program system is in great demand among users. The bottom line is that you can attract traders to the platform and make a profit for it. Partnership with the service is carried out in several stages:

  • Beginning of work. Owners of sites, blogs, promoted accounts in social networks, channels, as well as experts place the received link on their portal or in an ad.
  • Affiliate link. A visitor to a resource follows a link, an advertising banner or an ad, after which the system marks the device of this user with a unique partner ID.
  • Registration of a new client. The visitor, by clicking on the link, registers on the IQ Option trading platform and starts trading on the foreign exchange market.
  • Calculation of income. The partner receives profit under the terms of the selected offer, based on the trading turnover of all involved traders or each one individually.
  • Pay. It is carried out twice a month on a payment system convenient for the partner.
Become a broker partner
Become a broker partner

Customer Support

In a live chat on the website or in the application, customer service answers in a matter of seconds. You can get an answer to your question if you are a registered user. You can use the form below. The e-mail is also available to users.

Contact support at any time
Contact support at any time

Contact Details 

  • Address: First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Phone: +13468009001 Line in English

Pros and Cons 

The main advantages of the broker are:

  • Ease of registration
  • Access to trading on a demo account and a balance of $10,000 immediately after registration
  • Convenient and functional terminal for work
  • Traders can conduct business from any device
  • Various deposits and withdrawals methods
  • Available minimum deposit (from $10) and bet (from $1)
  • Video tutorials
  • Large selection of financial products
  • Analysis tools that can be used to generate forecasts 
  • Wide range of charting tools

Disadvantages are always and everywhere. Let's highlight the main points that traders note:

  • Thorough identity verification may take several days
  • High/Low is the only type of binary options trading

Alternatives to IQ Option 

Today, Forex brokers offer trading in a variety of contracts for difference (CFDs) and binary options on various financial instruments (stocks, ETFs, metals, commodities, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies). Among the trading platforms that are trustworthy, you can pay attention to the following: Binomo, Quotex, Olymp Trade, Capital Bear, Exnova, Expert Option, Pocket Option. Choose safe and trusted brokers!

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The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose