Zcash is a cryptocurrency that offers users all the benefits of bloc chain transactions, plus higher levels of security than other cryptocurrencies, faster transaction speeds and lower transaction fees.

With Zcash you can receive, send and use money from any mobile phone, computer or digital wallet. In this way, you are investing in a secure cryptoasset that uses software based on the same blockchain as Bitcoin.

The best advantage of this system is that transactions are monitored and managed in a public and decentralised way, allowing users to truly own their money.

 How to buy ZCash (ZEC)?

This cryptocurrency was launched in 2016 and created by Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, also known as Zcash Company, a company headed by Zooko Wilcox-O'Hear and cryptographer Matthew D. Green, who from its inception focused on creating a means of payment based on a public blockchain with certain privacy options.

Before understanding how to buy ZCash, you must have a dedicated brokerage platform or broker. These are the companies that act as intermediaries for buying and selling assets listed on the stock exchange and with which you can trade ZCash CFDs starting from low amounts and taking advantage of the leverage options offered by the platform.

There are a lot of brokers on the web, where you can find different financial instruments and investment methods. Some of them offer good options to increase the profitability of each order and thus increase your profit with every move.

Once you have chosen a broker, you need to go through the registration process to start using the platform and invest with any of the assets offered on their website. In this way, you can buy and sell different assets and regularly monitor your investments, capital and performance in one place.

How to buy ZCash (ZEC)?
How to buy ZCash (ZEC)?

 How to invest in ZCash (ZEC)?

To explain how to invest in ZCash, keep in mind that these investments represent a good medium to short term capitalisation, and because this type of asset does not have a long history that can be studied, you should pay close attention to its chart patterns and have a good risk management strategy to hedge your capital in case it is affected by price volatility.

There are two ways to invest in ZCash in Hong Kong. You can buy cryptocurrencies through an exchange, or trade them through contracts for difference:

  • Buy ZCash: to get hold of this asset you must access an Exchange platform that offers ZEC and have the total amount to buy each unit, i.e. if the current price of a ZCash is $94.93 you must have that amount to acquire a coin or, otherwise, exchange your capital for ZEC tokens. In this case, investors benefit from the upward price movement once the product is purchased. If, on the other hand, the price of the asset falls, investors will incur capital losses.
  • Trading ZCash Contracts for Difference: By buying and selling CFDs, you can profit from both upward and downward price movements of the asset. In this way, your profits will depend on timely market entries and exits, i.e. buying when prices start to rise, and selling when they start to fall. To buy or sell ZEC CFDs, all you need is a reputable broker and low amounts of capital to start trading.

By investing in ZCash CFDs you can take advantage of good short and medium term investment opportunities by profiting from the price movements of this asset.

How to invest in ZCash?
How to invest in ZCash?

 ZCash Trading Platform (ZEC) 

On the internet you can find a large number of websites and online trading platforms that offer a variety of options for investing in ZCash CFDs and other products. We recommend that you consider the following when choosing a platform to invest your money in:

  1. The licenses and regulations under which the platform is governed. Use only those platforms that are licensed, regulated and supervised by trustworthy entities and governments and avoid those that operate from tax havens.
  2. The minimum amounts set by the sites should be commensurate with your capital and investment goals.
  3. Deposit and withdrawal methods should be tailored to your needs and match those you intend to use.
  4. Financial instruments vary from platform to platform. To buy or sell ZCash CFDs, you should locate the acronym "ZEC" among the options present in the category of crypto-assets or cryptocurrencies in the broker of your choice. There, you can observe the current status of the product, have current charts at hand, perform a technical analysis of the asset and track your investment.
  5. The leverage options present on the platform can be a good springboard to start investing in ZCash. It is important to carefully study their movements in order to use them to your advantage and make money with this tool.
Investment platform
Investment platform

How to start investing in ZCash (ZEC)?

To invest in ZCash, you must:

  1. Understand your position both in the financial markets and with respect to other cryptocurrencies or similar projects.
  2. Establish a percentage of your capital to invest in this product.
  3. Constantly analyse the charts of ZEC, identify its historical peaks and know the current trend of its price.
  4. Select a reliable broker, with an interface adapted to your needs, register, deposit and start trading.
  5. Maintain an active and constant monitoring of your investment.
  6. Regularly update your technical and fundamental analysis.
  7. Be aware of changes to the blockchain system announced by the ZCash Company.
  8. Be aware of the reputation and public image of the company responsible for this asset.
ZCash trading conditions
ZCash trading conditions

How to register?

This is a mandatory step to start trading on any properly regulated broker. Not all platforms require the same login information, but they tend to agree on basic personal information including your first name, last name and email address. 

The basic steps to join these platforms include:

  1. Access the platform's website, look for the "Register" button, click on it and fill in the pop-up form with the data requested. You must then create a password to protect access to your account.
  2. Enter your email address (the one you used to register) and look for a confirmation message sent by the platform. Click on the link that will redirect you to the main page to log in.
  3. Once you have completed this process, you will have full access to the broker to explore its functions and tools, the financial instruments it offers and the information about each product. 
  4. You can start trading from your demo and real account as you prefer.
How to register?
How to register?

How to open a demo account?

The practice account is created automatically once your registration is complete. You can access it by logging in and use it to trade with fictitious money while you develop the right strategies to multiply your capital, while avoiding putting your money at risk.

How to open a real account?

Like the demo account, a real account is automatically created when you complete the registration process with the broker. The demo account requires a real money deposit to be used and to start generating a good dividend yield. We strongly recommend prolonged use of demo accounts to create functional and successful trading strategies.

How to create an account?
How to create an account?

How to fund a deposit?

A deposit is required to start using your real account. To make it effective, choose the most suitable payment method for your needs. The most common payment methods on trading platforms usually include bank transfers, credit card charges, and in some cases, cryptocurrencies.

The minimum deposit amount, as well as the payment methods accepted and fees charged, vary from platform to platform.

Minimum deposit amount 

The minimum deposit amount is the lowest payment amount accepted by brokers for use of the real account. This varies according to the policies of each company and it is advisable to familiarise yourself with them before proceeding with registration. 

There are platforms that allow for as little as $20 to invest in cryptocurrencies, allowing less experienced traders to access the market without a lot of capital.

How to deposit money?
How to deposit money?

How to withdraw money?

Generally, deposit methods are the same as those used for withdrawals. However, some platforms require withdrawals to be made through the same means used to deposit. In other words, the same account or card to deposit and withdraw funds.

Security of ZCash (ZEC) investments

ZCash buy and sell investments are a great way to make money in the medium to short term. However, the success of your investments depends on your analysis and timely market entries and exits.

Information about ZCash
Information about ZCash

How safe is it to invest in ZCash (ZEC)?

Buying ZEC is considered a profitable investment, as it represents a good alternative for safeguarding and investing capital in the face of constant devaluations.

Is it safe to invest in ZCash online?

Using a reliable platform, continuously studying its opportunities and price movements, will guarantee the security of your investment and a positive return in your favour.

How to safely trade ZCash online?

Studying well your market entries, paying attention to the news around this asset and avoiding getting carried away by moments of uncertainty will make each operation, a safe online investment.


Can you buy ZCash?

Nowadays, with a little capital and access to the internet you can buy this or other cryptoassets from the comfort of your home.

Buying ZCash not only protects your assets, but also your data, your identity and your privacy in every transaction.

While cryptoasset market movements are uncertain, leading analysts consider ZEC to be a good long-term investment.

You can buy ZEC on any exchange or buy ZEC CFDs from your trusted broker.

Many brokers allow deposits by credit card. By registering with your trusted broker you can start buying CFDs on this asset.

You can buy ZCash in Hong Kong by accessing any reliable broker or exchange that offers trading of this asset.

The price of ZCash promises to rise gradually due to the confidence it generates in its users.

Due to the supply and demand of the asset, it fluctuates in price over time making it rise and fall throughout the day. 

Due to the upcoming projects proposed by the company that created the asset, which promise collaborations with Ethereum, new exchange technology and a significant increase in the usability of the product.

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