What is ZCash (ZEC)?

The open source decentralized cryptocurrency Zcash was launched in January 2016 by a blockchain enthusiast named Zeko Wilcox. The developer tried to solve one of the problems of bitcoin - the traceability of transactions. Therefore, the main difference between altcoin and all other virtual currencies lies in the cryptographic zero-resolution proof protocol. In simple terms, thanks to the encryption protocol called zk-SNARK, both participants in the transaction receive reliable confirmation of the transfer, but they do not have any other information about each other.

How to invest in ZCash?
How to invest in ZCash?

The price of one Zcash cryptocurrency token periodically changes under the influence of several factors:

  • statements by influential figures in the media, for example, posts by Elon Musk on Twitter;
  • news from developers, for example, about the release of updates or attracting investors;
  • positive or negative actions of regulators (state and financial structures);
  • continuously growing competition due to the emergence of new promising projects.

Despite these factors, ZEC is confidently holding its own in the TOP-100 of the ranking and is in no hurry to lose positions.

Cryptocurrencies have attracted the attention of the media, retail investors and traders due to the high volatility of their prices.

There have been several cases in history of a sharp and strong increase in the price of one ZEC token. So, in 2016, against the background of the appearance of Zcash on the market, its rate briefly rose to $6,000, but then dropped to around 60-80 USD. A similar situation occurred in 2018 due to the fact that the project attracted the attention of JPMorgan. The rate rose to 900 US dollars, but then decreased to 30-70 USD. Such sharp fluctuations in the rate complicate the analytics and make it difficult to predict changes in the price of the token in the future. Despite this, many experts agree that there is growth potential.

Information about ZCash
Information about ZCash

How to invest in ZCash (ZEC)?

One of the ways to use cryptocurrency is investing and trading. You can buy ZCash in Hong Kong for the long term and keep it in the hope that it will grow. You can also speculate on its value using short-term trades on the brokerage platform. With CFDs, you can access any asset on the IQ Option trading platform for as little as $1. This is the amount needed for a minimum investment in crypto assets, stocks, commodities, etc.

How to buy ZCash (ZEC)?
How to buy ZCash (ZEC)?

CFD simply reflects the price of the cryptocurrency and gives you the opportunity to profit from both falling and rising markets. For example, if you think that the price of a cryptocurrency is about to rise, you can open a long position and place a buy order. As soon as the price rises, you will create a sell order, making a profit.

ZCash (ZEC) Trading Platform 

The IQ Option platform is not just a place to buy and sell ZCash (ZEC) and other assets. This is a whole functional center that provides traders with all the necessary tools for daily trading. Applications for any of your devices have been released for fast and comfortable trading! Use the award-winning mobile application for Ios and Android and desktop applications for Windows and Macos for free!

It is worth noting that the platform is suitable for beginners, offering a simple interface, demo account, tips and video tutorials. It is also suitable for the pros, offering over 90 technical analysis indicators, charting tools and a VIP account. Here is a partial list of the benefits that you will receive after registration:

  • Binary options trading with up to 93% profit
  • Minimum deposit to a trading account from $10
  • Leverage on CFDs up to 1:500
  • Real-time price and market alerts
  • Free $10,000 demo account with no time limit
  • Economic calendar and news with current events in real time
  • Risk management settings - for example, Stop-Loss, Take-Profit orders
  • 24/7 online support via live chat and mail
  • Simple workflow and customizable platform appearance
Choose and customize your schedule
Choose and customize your schedule

Start trading right now on the web platform in your browser, you don't need to download anything. Just register and try trading on a demo account!

How to start trading ZCash (ZEC)?

It is very easy to start investing in ZCash in Hong Kong on the platform. We will describe the whole process so that you can start trading with a comfortable amount and try all the features of the platform. You will learn how to start trading for free and without risk.

How to Register? 

The first thing to do is register. This is a simple standard procedure that does not cause difficulties. On our page, click the green button “Try for free” and enter some data in the registration form:

  • Your email
  • Strong password for personal account
  • Mark your agreement to the terms of cooperation

An email with a confirmation link will be sent to your email address. Use it to complete registration. This completes the registration and you will be automatically redirected to the trading room. A web platform will open in your browser where you can familiarize yourself with the functionality. Try it now!

Register for free
Register for free

How to open a demo account?

After registration, you will have 2 accounts available for use. Demo and real. You can switch between them at any time while using the platform. To trade in test mode, you do not need to deposit funds. You just need to click on the orange button “Start trading on a demo account” and you will have $10,000 at your disposal. With their help, you can fully explore the platform, try to buy any asset, use different types of charts, indicators, work out a new strategy without risk, learn how to use stop loss and take profit and other orders.

Open demo and live trades in one account
Open demo and live trades in one account

The demo account can be replenished if the funds on it start to run out. To do this, click on the account balance on the top panel of the platform and click “Top up” next to the demo account, the amount will become $10,000 again. Try to buy ZEC on a demo account and evaluate your trading skills.

Switch between real and demo account
Switch between real and demo account

How to open a real account?

Also, after registration, a real trading account has already been opened for you. To start using it, just replenish it with real money! Once the account is activated, you will be able to trade over 250 assets from different categories: currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and binary options. It is worth noting once again that transactions can be made in the amount of as little as $ 1 with the use of leverage, if necessary.

ZCash trading conditions
ZCash trading conditions

How to fund a deposit?

You can top up a deposit in the amount of $10 and this is a great amount for beginners and for getting to know the platform. Such a deposit makes trading possible for traders with any capital and will protect you from big expenses. To deposit the amount, use the “deposit” button in the upper right corner of the platform. Then follow the instructions: 

  • Select the application method from the suggested.
  • Specify the account currency (account currency can be selected only once during the first deposit).
  • Enter any amount from $10.
  • Enter the required details, depending on the chosen payment method.
Choose a convenient deposit method for you
Choose a convenient deposit method for you

The funds will be credited to your account instantly and you can start trading. Keep in mind that some deposit methods are available only after verification. We advise you to go through this procedure for the security of your account and complete freedom in choosing payment methods.

How to Withdraw?

Withdrawal of funds is carried out within a period of several minutes to 3 working days, depending on the chosen method. The map is the fastest way. However, keep in mind that the withdrawal will be made to the payment method with which you made the deposit. To withdraw funds:

  • Log in to your personal account
  • Select menu “Withdraw funds”
  • Specify the withdrawal method
  • Specify the withdrawal amount from $2
  • Enter the required account or card details

As soon as your application is accepted, you will be able to track its status in the withdrawal section of the website in your personal account.

Wide range of payment and withdrawal methods
Wide range of payment and withdrawal methods

ZCash (ZEC) Investment Security

The safety of investing in ZCash (ZEC) is an important point, because when investing our money, we want to be sure that this will not result in a loss of funds. To make your trading or investing safe, first of all, choose a reliable and reputable broker. IQ Option has been providing its services since 2013 and has proven its quality and professionalism. Also, for greater security, set up two-factor authentication on your account. Join our trading community!

How to safely invest in ZCash online?

When you invest in ZCash, in addition to a reliable broker, you need to pay attention to your strategy and basic risk management rules. For example, never invest everything in one asset. Also, the maximum possible loss on the transaction should not exceed 2-5% of the total amount of capital. Properly open positions based on analysis. To become a successful trader, don't stop learning and practicing. The IQ Option platform gives you all the tools for this, from a demo account to a large set of features. Enjoy!

Limit your risk with orders
Limit your risk with orders


Can you buy ZCash?

Yes, sure. With the IQ Option platform, every trader can buy ZCash and other assets using CFDs.

ZCash is a popular coin for trading and investing all over the world. With the help of the CFD tool and a competent strategy, you can profit both from the growth and fall of the market.

In the coming years, the ZCash (ZEC) project will be developed and supported by a development team. It has a very large community and has really useful functionality. These factors give reason to believe that Zcash has prospects for further development and a potential increase in the price of the token.

To buy ZCash you need to fund your account on the trading platform. This can be done with your credit card. You can top up your account from $10.

Anyone can invest in ZCash in Hong Kong. With cfd you can invest as little as $1. To do this, register and fund your account on the trading platform. Or you can register and practice on a free demo account right now.

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