What Are Binary Options 

With the constant search for new ways to modify revolutionary new methods of making money in the internet space. Over the past 10 years, many brokerage organizations have emerged that provide the opportunity to trade binary options through proprietary trading terminals. For this reason, traders wishing to try and multiply their capital on financial option trading products need to become fully aware of the terms and conditions of trading.

A binary option is a contract with a certain brokerage company, which is used to gain profit from the movements and changes in the value of the traded asset.

A participant of binary options trading makes a prediction about the increase or decrease in the value of the financial instrument, for a selected, certain period of time. This trading-financial mechanism has a fixed rate, predetermined time of the forecast completion and known amount of profit in case of favourable circumstances, or loss in case of incorrect forecast by trader.

Features of trading

This trading tool really differs from many other earning methods, and first it's simplicity and speed. You also do not need to buy the asset itself, you just bet on where the price of the chosen asset will move.

Popular markets for binary options trading
Popular markets for binary options trading

The profitability of each option varies. It depends on the broker, the time of day, the asset itself. You can always see the profitability just before the trade. Usually it is indicated next to the up/down buttons and is between 50%-95%.

How does the transaction itself takes place? It is very simple! Before the start of trading, the trader decides on the option to trade (a contract on a specific underlying instrument), for example, bitcoin. At the same time, he gets to know the degree of potential profitability of the respective instrument, for example; the rate of return on "bitcoin" option is 85%. Of course, if the outcome of the position is favourable. Next, he selects a time frame in which his placed option (trade) will show whether his prediction is justified or not. At this point, the trader just waits. When the expiry time expires, the trading platform will check if the current price of the asset meets the stipulated conditions. If the outcome is positive, you will receive a percentage payout and if it is not, you will lose the value of the option.

The expiry time determines when the binary option expires. Basically, this means how long after the order is placed, you will wait for the outcome of the bet.

Popular Trade Deadlines

Traders trade binary options with a wide variety of expiry times. Brokers offer trades ranging from 30 seconds to several months. That said, not every option is of interest. But there are variants that most strategies are tailored to: 

  • 30 seconds-5 minutes. Turbo options are a special method of short-term trading. And such traders are called scalpers. Many traders prefer this option because it allows them to make many deals in a short period of time, which gives them more chances to earn more money and allows them to gain experience.
  • Expiry time 5-60 minutes is also popular. If you are a beginner, and you don't like long term trades, then you can go with that time of expiry. The amount of noise on the charts, which you can exploit, is much lower than with turbo options, and you can transact a few trades a day.
  • From one hour to the end of the day - this is the choice of many experienced traders. Of the three options, this one is less risky as it manages to eliminate most of the trading noise. But many traders are not interested in waiting for results for several hours. That is why such deals are not so popular.

Binary traders do not use terms starting from several days, though this method is less risky than trading with one-minute to one-hour term.

You can choose a time frame depending on the time you have available or on the strategy you wish to use, or simply on your own volition. As time goes by, you will find yourself with a timeframe that suits you in every way.

Types of Options

Today, brokers offer all sorts of options. The most simple and classic Up/Down option, also called a Put/Call option, is the most popular because why make more complicated deals when you can make money on the simplest instrument? Start there, you will succeed!

  • Standard Put/Call. This is the simplest type of option, which fully repeats the principle of exchange contracts. The player has to make a prediction about the direction of the market by making a simple choice: up or down. If at the moment of contract execution, price data changes at least by 1 point in the right direction, the trader will get a fixed reward. In the opposite case, he will lose 100% of his bet.
  • One Touch. The One Touch Option is designed in such a way that to win, the quote must only touch a strike level, and how the quote will behave in the future is not important.  As soon as the price of the underlying touches a certain level, the option is regarded as won, regardless of how long there is left to expire.
  • Range options are used for low volatility assets.  Range offers the player to choose a price range in which he or she believes the quotes of the asset will move or will move out of it. Range is essentially a modified One Touch, as the quotes must not only touch a certain level, but also stay there until the expiry date.
  • Pairs. Such binary options are traded according to the classic rules. Their peculiarity is the unusual asset, which is offered by the brokerage company to its clients. Currency pairs can be found at all major brokers. However, in this case, we are dealing with other combinations of investment assets. For instance, the price relations of precious metals can be discussed. In this case a new asset Gold/Silver appears.
Choose from a variety of assets to trade
Choose from a variety of assets to trade

There are many types of options, and all new modifications keep appearing. We have looked at the main ones that are most often found on broker platforms. They are all profitable if you are observant and persistent. Sign up and try out, already thousands of traders have made the first step to money, join in!

What are Binary Options Bonuses?

There are dozens of binary options brokers and all of them try to attract the trader in something special. The bonus system of the broker is its own speciality and know-how.

You can find various kinds of options bonuses on the internet. Some of them offer free money and some offer reduced spreads or reduced commissions. Brokers may offer traders free money in exchange for completing various tasks.

When trading in the stock market, you should keep in mind that earning with good planning does not only depend on your own money. Getting a bonus on binary options is always nice.

Promo codes are usually used to get the best binary options bonuses. They are usually offered by brokers or market makers as part of promotions. They allow traders to profit instantly from binary options trading. With a promo code, a trader gains access to trades from the moment they log on to their trading platform.

Take advantage of your bonus
Take advantage of your bonus

It is important to choose the most suitable broker to enter the binary options market. When choosing a trading platform, choose an online broker that has a proven track record and is licensed. You should also choose one that offers the best customer support. There are brokers who only offer email support, as well as those who offer phone support.

Types of Binary Option Bonuses

When deciding on the most suitable platform, traders should also think about the type of bonuses offered by the platforms:

  • The Welcome Bonus (first deposit bonus). Depending on the conditions of the package (minimum deposit amount), you will be offered different bonus amounts.
  • The next deposit bonus (continuation bonus). The broker gives you a gift if he sees that you are motivated to work and make a deposit.
  • Pending bonus. This bonus will be credited by the broker only when a trader carries out a fixed number of trades (trading volume). The platform will display a progress bar that will show how many trades will have to be completed before the bonus will be awarded.
  • Transaction insurance bonus. Some brokers offer the option of insuring a certain number of trades of new clients. If a client's account goes into redemption on the first trades, the options broker pays the client a sum to cover the loss. But the sum insured is usually given in the form of a bonus, for the withdrawal of which there are also certain conditions. 
  • Special bonuses. Such as receiving free signals on a fixed time interval.  Risk-free transactions (1 per day, for example, when a broker compensates all the losses of a trade).  "Bring a friend"  bonus. Etc.

There are a lot of bonuses invented, and be sure to take advantage of such an opportunity if the broker gives it to you.

Top up your deposit and get a great bonus
Top up your deposit and get a great bonus

Options brokers reserve the right to change the terms of binary options bonus promotions, to launch new ones, either permanently or periodically. So, check what bonuses are current at the time of your registration and do not miss out on the rewards!

Binary options - no deposit bonus

A separate type, which does not require a deposit to the account, are no deposit bonuses. These can be 50 or 100 no deposit bonuses in binary options. They are given to all new clients, without making a deposit, just for registering. You will not be able to get your hands on these funds straight away, you will first have to wager them. They are given to the trader to get acquainted with the broker, the platform and the options in general.

No deposit bonus is rare - but it "has its place". The purpose of its issue is to acquaint the trader with the broker and its platform.

The conditions for getting a binary options 100 no deposit bonus are almost everywhere the same. Verification is obligatory. The procedure may differ a little, somewhere it is only required to confirm the phone number, and somewhere it is necessary to send passport data. In any case, such a bonus allows you to start trading without any initial capital, and that is the most important thing.

How to start trading binary options and get no-deposit bonus in Hong Kong? 

Binary options are a simple and profitable method of trading the financial markets. Binary options in Hong Kong are the most commonly used derivative as they require no upfront investment. If you are reading this article, it means that you also want to join the thousands of traders all over the world. You're on the right track, sign up is free and there is no obligation, take one step at a time towards your goal and everything will work out!

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

With time, you will have more experience and skills. And you will earn more and more money time after time. You will learn how to properly research and select the most profitable trading opportunities.

It takes a lot of practice to make money easily, that's what a trading platform is for. Here, you get a professional trading platform with real-time quotes, which will give you the opportunity to trade and earn at your convenience. You can also do your work in a handy mobile app, which will give you a wide range of functionality for transactions.

So to register you only need few steps:

  • Select registration menu.
  • Fill in some standard fields.

Then get started with a demo account, if you want to try out a risk-free training session. And then go straight to live trading. The demo version will give you the advantage of trading, so you can really practice. But you should keep in mind that you will not be able to withdraw profit from such an account.

Live Account

To open a real account, you'll need to make a deposit by any convenient method. As a rule, the players choose a payment card or electronic money. Your deposit may be anything, but not less than the threshold set by the broker.

After the verification procedure of your details, you will be able to make your first transaction!

The best way to take advantage of binary options is to use the services of a broker who will help you manage your trading accounts, get bonuses and other benefits from the platform.

Use your promo code on the platform
Use your promo code on the platform

The platform will really help you in your work, and you should definitely take advantage of its features. Depending on the size of your account, these options might vary. 

Choose the level of your profile on the platform
Choose the level of your profile on the platform

But even for newbies just getting started in the options business, there's plenty to keep you entertained, like:

  • Video tutorials.
  • A large selection of assets to trade (over 100).
  • User-friendly terminal.
  • Mobile application.
  • Minimum order amount.
  • Dozens of payment methods.
  • Tutorials and much more!

Just keep up with the times and make money right from home!

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