What is Huobi Global? 

Huobi Global is a reliable exchange not only for traders but also for investors. The main advantage of the platform is a high rating in terms of total trading volume, which indicates convenience and security.

Huobi Corporation is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the foreign exchange market, in terms of its size it ranks third in the ratings of services for analyzing the cryptocurrency market.

The company owns more than ten subsidiaries around the world, and employs more than a thousand people. The Chinese company Huobi Global was registered in Beijing in 2013 and has gained popularity all over the world in 8 years. The Huobi cryptocurrency exchange attracts traders with a multilingual interface, a wide selection of trading pairs and a convenient functional terminal.

Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

Advantages of Huobi:

  • the possibility of operational work without verification
  • support for margin trading
  • the presence of a large selection of digital tokens
  • continuous improvement of the resource and integration of new technologies
  • functional platform interface
  • professional assessment and review of blockchain assets
  • flexible compensation system and investor protection fund
  • the presence of a loyalty program
  • multi-stage system of protection against hacker attacks

The company not only develops its own open source public blockchain, but also teams up with other providers for charitable purposes. Huobi Global derivatives trading platform offers services for institutional investors and retail traders. Huobi pleases with a number of modern features and tools. They allow you to increase the efficiency of trading, turning it into a simple and understandable activity.

What are derivatives? 

The derivatives market is an urgent one, since the terms of their execution are fixed in the contracts. Earnings on such contracts can bring considerable profit if the trend moves in the right direction. Losses are also not uncommon, since derivatives require considerable experience to work with.

A derivative is a security whose price and nature of liability are closely related to the value of the underlying asset. Derivatives are often referred to as contracts because they describe the obligations of the parties under specific terms and conditions relating to the transfer of the underlying asset.

Huobi Global derivatives in Hong Kong are very popular among both traders and investors.

Huobi trading room
Huobi trading room

Most often, derivatives are acquired precisely in order to compensate for the negative impact of market trends. In the financial world, this is called risk hedging. In other words, it is getting the opportunity to buy or sell an asset on terms previously agreed. And derivatives are also used for speculation. This function of derivatives was formed as their popularity in trading grew. Earnings come from changes in value. And not only its increase, but also its decrease. Those. one side believes that the price will increase in the future, and the other side bets on a decrease. Accordingly, one of the parties remains the winner.

Derivative financial instruments perform a number of functions. They allow:

  • Manage risk. Since the value of a derivative asset is linked to the underlying asset, derivatives can both increase and decrease the risks of owning a financial instrument. It is possible to minimize risks by purchasing a spot commodity and selling a futures contract or an option contract. If the spot price, that is, the value of the asset at the moment, falls, the price of the corresponding futures and options contracts will also decrease. Then it becomes possible to buy the contract at the lowest cost. This will help in partially compensating for losses on the spot commodity.
  • Get operational benefits. Derivatives markets are more liquid than spot markets. This indicates smaller commissions and other costs for traders.
  • Predict prices. The derivatives market often follows the spot market. It carries almost no meaningful information.

With the help of Huobi Global derivatives trading, it will be possible to achieve all your goals!

HT token is coin of the exchange Huobi Global
HT token is coin of the exchange Huobi Global

Huobi Token

A total of 500 million coins were issued, which were distributed as follows:

  • 20% will be received by the platform development team (25 million tokens annually for 4 years)
  • 60% during the Airdrop through prepaid cards were received by already registered users
  • 20% are used by the exchange for current operations

The company's speakers stated that the release of Huobi Token is not an initial coin offering (ICO), since at the time of the issue only point card holders could buy tokens. For 100 cards, the exchange gave their owner 100 HT. Such cards could be purchased for $1. Therefore, the exchange stablecoin is pegged to the dollar.

This token operates on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 standard). It enables its owners to receive a discount when paying fees if the commission is calculated using it. The discount can be almost 50%.

Every quarter, the site places orders to buy HT at the current settlement price, taking into account its profit. This increases the liquidity of the exchange coin.

Benefits of  Huobi Global
Benefits of Huobi Global

How to trade Huobi Global derivatives in Hong Kong?

Do not hesitate to purchase Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in Hong Kong.

  • Click on the "Margin" button and get to the page where it will be possible to take the so-called pledge from the exchange against your main deposit.
  • Here you need to specify the loan amount and click "Application".

In order to start margin trading, you first need to transfer money from a currency account to a margin account. This is done in the "Balance" - "Deposit and withdrawal" section. Then, when the funds are transferred, we take the following steps

After approval by the moderators, the application will be executed and the user will receive a credit. If the client does not have funds in the margin account, then he will not be able to take a deposit in the exchange.

After receiving the loan, go to the "Margin" page. There, in the table with “Limit”, “Market” and “Stop-Limit” orders, you will need to indicate the so-called “leverage”, the same debt that was taken from the exchange.

Further, with a successful transaction with the help of this leverage, the client will be able to earn much more than if they traded only with their own funds.

Then, after all transactions, you need to return the loan to the company back. You will need to go to the page with a margin account, and in the history it will be clear that you have taken a debt. Click there "pay the debt" and the debt will be returned.

Huobi Global registration
Huobi Global registration

How to register ?

Register now and start Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading today, because the registration process itself is very easy and does not take much time. Below is a detailed instruction:

  • We go to the exchange website, where the registration window immediately pops up in which you need to indicate your citizenship, your email, create a complex password, confirm the password and then click the "Register" button.
  • Go to the mail that was previously indicated during registration, and find a letter with a registration confirmation code. Enter this code in the appropriate field and click “Finish”.

Congratulations! Account registration was successful and now you can start trading!

How to withdraw money?

Withdrawing money from Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform is easy and you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to your personal account and select the “Balance” section on the right side of the screen and find “Deposit & Withdrawal” in the drop-down list. By clicking on this item, the user will be taken to a page where there is a list of available cryptocurrencies.
  • After which you will need to select the desired coin.
  • Then click the "Withdraw" button.
  • Insert the external wallet address into a special line.
  • Specify the amount.
  • Take into account the commission and carry out the withdrawal of funds.

After completing all these steps, you must wait until the required number of confirmations are received on the network. When this stage is completed, the cryptocurrency will appear on the account.

Huobi Global derivatives products
Huobi Global derivatives products

Huobi Global derivatives list 

The exchange offers the following types of trading:

  • Spot trading. Trading with instant settlement, when funds are transferred between the buyer and the seller here and now, based on the current market value of the asset.
  • Futures trading. Trading contracts containing information about the value of the currency and the time of sale. By concluding such a contract, the buyer and seller undertake to transfer funds at a specific rate and at a specific time. An effective tool for hedging risks.
  • Margin trading. Trading with leverage - the user takes a certain amount of credit against the security of his assets and thus can use a larger amount in trading than he has. This increases the potential profit, but also the risks. The available leverage level is individual for each currency.
  • OTC. A p2p exchange platform that links fiat money and digital assets. Designed for institutional investors who make large transactions and want to do it completely in the legal field.
  • Fiat. Quick purchase or sale of cryptocurrency for fiat money. Supported payment methods: bank cards and electronic wallets.

Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading can trade from mobile phone, you just need to install the app.

Huobi Global trading platform is  available in convenient mobile App
Huobi Global trading platform is available in convenient mobile App


Huobi has managed to build a thriving crypto asset ecosystem consisting of its own Huobi Eco blockchain, Huobi (HT) token, dollar-backed HUSD stablecoin, and more. Today, Huobi Global claims to serve tens of millions of users. The trading platform is simple and straightforward and offers leveraged trading (customers must sign an additional agreement). In addition, there is a mobile application. Unlike other exchanges, it displays coin statistics and Huobi informs the trader about the coins.Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform offers a wide variety of coins to trade in many markets and many users choose to deposit their funds and trust the company due to their proven track record, their impressive team and their lucrative opportunities beyond regular exchanges. Huobi has its own compensation fund. It performs the function of insurance in case of hacking and theft of funds of registered traders. If digital money goes missing, the fund will pay out the necessary amounts in accordance with the rules of the platform. At the moment, more than 10 million people hold their assets and trade cryptocurrencies on Huobi Global, which only confirms the liquidity and reliability of the service. 

Buy Huobi Global crypto derivatives in Hong Kong today and start making extra money online! 

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The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose