Ferrari is a sports car factory based in Italy and with worldwide recognition. The aim of its founder Enzo Ferrari was to create luxury cars for tourist or everyday use. This public company had started designing racing cars, training drivers and specializing in this type of vehicle.

This public company started trading at a value of $216 since its IPO in 2015. Currently, it has a quote of around 217 US dollars. And thanks to its management and good administration, it has managed to exceed 537 million euros in net profit.

How to buy Ferrari shares?

To start investing in Ferrari shares, you must first choose a reliable brokerage or trading platform that allows you to trade this asset. These companies act as intermediaries in the purchase and sale of shares of large companies so that investors can invest in them from anywhere in the world. In addition, these brokers offer a large number of financial products with which you can diversify your investment.

Ferrari is recognised as one of the most profitable luxury car manufacturers in its sector, and has earned the place of the strongest brand since 2019 by outperforming large international companies. By buying Ferrari shares you can defend your savings against the sharp depreciations of the local currency.

Once you have researched the number of brokers offered on the Internet, you should register with one to start investing in the financial instruments it has to offer, find out about their policies and rules of use, minimum amounts, leverage options, means of payment, etc.

In order to achieve a good return and learn how to invest in Ferrari or any other financial instrument, it is necessary to carry out a deep fundamental analysis of the company's financial situation, be attentive to the decisions of the board of directors and carry out a good technical analysis based on the company's graphs and history. In this way, it is possible to ensure a good capitalization in each order.

On the web you will find that some platforms offer leverage options to multiply your chances of making money on each entry. However, we recommend that you study each move well and use a practice account while learning how to invest in Ferrari shares and before putting your real money at risk.

Carefully observing market movements, differentiating the types of investments offered by each platform and studying the factors that affect the price of financial assets, will be fundamental in ensuring your path to success in the trading world.

How to buy Ferrari shares in Hong Kong?
How to buy Ferrari shares in Hong Kong?

How to invest in Ferrari shares?

Thanks to advances in technology, you can invest in securities from anywhere in the world. And because they are equity assets, you can take advantage of long and medium-term fluctuations in their price. In fact, when you invest in a public company like Ferrari, the dividends and increases in the value of its shares will generate attractive increases in its capital.

With alternative investment models, a large part of the population can now easily and safely take sides in the stock market.

In this way, you can acquire shares of large corporations from your mobile phone or computer. Only with an internet connection, you can start buying Ferrari shares.

Invest in Ferrari shares online
Invest in Ferrari shares online

In addition, on the internet you can find a lot of information about any asset you want to trade, be it currencies, commodities or shares of large companies such as Ferrari. Thus, you can analyse the benefits of each investment, the return per dividend, the historical summary of the company's economic position, etc.

By the end of 2020, for example, the company had surpassed 800 million euros in revenue, demonstrating that it can overcome complex situations such as a pandemic. All these data show that investing in Ferrari shares is a profitable and stable option, with a considerable increase in the long term and a good financial reputation.

Buying Ferrari shares is a great way to diversify your portfolio and achieve great long-term benefits. It represents a stable and profitable investment that has a good market valuation and promises to maintain an upward trend in the long term, and therefore an opportunity that we recommend you take advantage of.

Ferrari stock investment platform

On the web you will find many platforms that allow you to trade this and other assets. When choosing a reliable broker, we suggest you consider the following aspects:

  • A trusted platform should provide 24/7 support, both online and by phone, as well as quality information to develop your technical and fundamental analysis regarding any of your assets.
  • It makes protocols that guarantee the security of its users and has public and fair data handling policies towards its clients. On the other hand, they have guarantee clauses to ensure the capital deposited in the platform.
  • Offers an operations server with intuitive and easy-to-use functions.

Once you have selected a broker, it is time to create your account to start investing. With the online service offered by the brokers, you can access the financial market in real time, keep informed about the stock quotes of different assets, start investing with really low amounts and from any device connected to the internet. Likewise, you will be able to learn with the tools offered by these servers, have personalized technical service and access a wide list of financial instruments with which to multiply your money.

The best servers have additional information about their assets such as news about changes in the stock market, summary of prices of different assets, events that affect prices, financial situation of different companies, among others. In addition, registered users on reliable platforms can make use of the advanced functions that these offer. This is in order to study an order in depth before putting your money at risk.

Through the trading platforms you can have an accessible and easy to use server to make your investments, create new investment strategies or even set up automated operations from wherever you are.

Ferrari stock investment platform
Ferrari stock investment platform

How to start investing in Ferrari shares?

You can now use CFD's (Contracts for Difference) from companies based in Europe and the United States as a means of investment. Using online trading platforms, you can start buying and selling shares and CFD's of different assets without limited access, excessive capital or too much paperwork.

These online trading services offer a new model that improves the investor's experience while providing attractive and beneficial conditions for its Hongkong users. Some recommendations that will help you on your way through trading are: 

  • Use a platform that has training options, in the form of digital files, videos, tutorials, blogs or webinars.
  • Plan your objectives based on your current situation to progressively advance and build the confidence and experience you require to obtain the best possible results.
  • Make use of all available options for studying data on different assets. With these, your fundamental and technical analyses will be complete and comprehensive.

How to register?

The registration process on this type of platform consists of 4 simple steps:

  1. Enter the platform, click on the "Register" button and fill in the form with the requested data (e-mail and password).

  2. Access the entered email and look for the validation email sent by the server. By clicking on the attached link, the registration process is completed.

  3. From the official website of the broker, you can download the software or application to access the charts and the trading centre. This can be done from your computer or mobile phone.

  4. Finally, you must validate your trading account by completing the security process required by the servers. This process consists of verifying the user's identity and address.
Registration on a trading platform
Registration on a trading platform

How to open a demo account?

This is created automatically upon completion of the registration process on the platform and is an option designed for novice investors. With it, you don't need to use your real capital while trying out new trading strategies, get familiar with the platform and get trained with the help of the server.

How to open a real account?

Like the demo account, your real account is automatically created upon completion of the registration process. The only difference is that it uses real money for each transaction, so you must make a deposit and complete additional data to confirm your identity and start trading.

How to open a demo or real account
How to open a demo or real account

How do I replenish a deposit?

You can use the payment methods that suit you best. The most common means of payment on this type of platform include bank transfers, digital wallet payments, cash deposits, credit card payments and even crypto-currency. To make the deposit, select the payment option that is most convenient for you and the amount to be deposited.

Minimum deposit amount

Trading platforms require minimum amounts appropriate to their target audience and according to their policies and conditions. The applications designed for professional traders, require a high capital to start investing, while those designed for new investors accept payments from 10 USD.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

How to withdraw money?

Withdrawal of capital is a simple process, although on some platforms certain requirements must be met to ensure its safety. To withdraw money, access your account, request a withdrawal, complete the form with the requested information and choose the withdrawal method that suits you best. Usually, these are the same ones used for depositing.

Security of Ferrari stock investments

All platforms have different security protocols to protect the integrity, data and funds entered by their users. The most reliable brokers are those who have certificates on their websites and who are also regulated by the government entities and legislation of their country of origin.

How safe is it to invest in Ferrari shares?

All investments represent a constant risk, as well as any activity that involves committing your capital to obtain some benefit. However, online trading platforms have options that allow their users to customize each order, including a tool to limit the percentage of profit or loss approved for each trade. These settings allow for very good risk management.

Ferrari shares
Ferrari shares

Is it safe to invest in Ferrari shares online?

Ferrari is a world-renowned company that has proven to be one of the most profitable car manufacturers in the industry. Although some external and internal factors may influence its prices, it remains an investment option with excellent performance and great stability.

How can I safely invest in Ferrari shares online?

You can use different indicators to improve your analyses. Online operators often provide this type of tool and constantly keep up to date with new, increasingly accurate functions. It is always advisable to manually analyse any factor that may alter the value of the asset.

Are my investments in Ferrari shares protected?

Through a reliable platform you can have a secure environment for each investment. Keeping your studies and analyses up to date and safeguarding your data is also the responsibility of each user.


Where can I buy Ferrari shares?

You can buy Ferrari shares in Hong Kong through the online investment platforms that operate in the country and that have adequate conditions for you, such as accessible amounts and secure servers.

Since the first days of 2021, the price of a Ferrari share (RACE) has been around 218 US dollars.

By accessing a suitable investment platform, following the required steps and making a first deposit, you can start trading with the purchase of shares from the "RACE" ticket to acquire Ferrari shares. In addition, you can trade based on price changes also downwards and without the need to acquire the asset.

Ferrari shares have been on an upward trend since the middle of 2020, recovering their way after the drop given by the pandemic at the beginning of the year.

The health crisis at the beginning of 2020 affected the value of this company, as did others in the same industry. However, Ferrari managed to recover in the middle of the year, closing 2020 with excellent results.

Due to the company's rapid response to the pandemic, which demonstrated that it is able to recover in a short time and maintain price stability and the confidence of customers and investors.

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