What is Bybit?

Bybit is proving to be a clear winner among other exchanges as they listen closely to the trader community, and many may be amused by how a young exchange like Bybit was able to capture the hearts of traders in such a short amount of time.Bybit derivatives trading platform is focused on users from all over the world, therefore it offers a multilingual interface and technical support, a demo account, 24/7 operator work, an efficient and fair trading environment. Bybit understands the importance of excellent security for users - 100% of Bybit user's funds are stored in wallets with multiple signatures, thus ensuring maximum security. Bybit offers a minimalistic layout, but under the hood it is packed with all those features that can help a trader have a smoother trading experience. The Bybit trading terminal is powerful as well as reliable in features.The Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform has a two-factor authentication feature, and each client must enable it before withdrawing funds from their account. It is also worth noting that the company's trading system is super reliable - it has never experienced an overload since its inception. The coverage of the exchange is already global, thanks to such a set of functions as:

  • Secure platform. The exchange has no history of hacks, hacks or leaks of user information.
  • Margin trading with up to 100x leverage.
  • Multi-currency support. At ByBit, you have the ability to deposit, withdraw and open positions in BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP and even USDT (not available for trading, only hedging). Use the internal Asset Exchange function for easy cryptocurrency conversion.
  • Low fees. ByBit offers some of the most competitive margin trading fees on the market.
  • Powerful and well-designed trading interface. ByBit has a robust, powerful and well-designed platform and is easy to navigate but full of advanced options. It can process up to 100,000 trades per second.
Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform
Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform

Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform is a relatively fresh yet ambitious margin trading exchange and a viable alternative to competing leveraged trading platforms. In its first few years, ByBit has amassed a large number of users from North America, Europe, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other well-known crypto markets. ... ByBit also doesn't bump into its customer support functions as its help resources are available throughout the day, 7 days a week, and the company is often involved in all major public crypto events, which adds significant credibility.Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives trading brings experienced investors a steady income.

Bybit traderoom
Bybit traderoom

What are derivatives?

Today, investors have at their disposal a fairly wide range of financial instruments and opportunities, both to make money on stocks and securities, and on derivatives. The derivatives market is one of the main and most active segments of the modern financial system. However, most novice investors have a very poor idea of ​​what derivatives are. Accordingly, the opportunities that open up for the investor thanks to such instruments remain unclaimed. Or, on the contrary, investors take rash risks, having a poor understanding of the risks of this instrument.To understand what derivatives are and what they are for, you first need to understand what, in simple terms, are derivatives. To understand what derivatives are and what they are for, initially, you need to understand that they are simple words, derivative financial instruments. That is, there is an asset that is considered an underlying asset. According to it, a bilateral agreement is concluded, the participants of which undertake to conclude a transaction on pre-established conditions.If before that only real goods were used in such transactions, then with the emergence and development of financial derivatives, it became possible to conclude contracts in relation to currencies and other financial documents.

Derivatives are one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the current financial system.

Popular are speculative transactions that have nothing to do with the actual supply of goods or securities under a contract. The main function of derivatives in speculation is the ability to capitalize on price changes. You can do this both on an increase and a decrease.

The essence of the transactions is that one party assumes that the value of the asset will increase, while the other party relies on a decrease. As a result, someone wins.

The role of derivatives in financial processes is not always straightforward. On the one hand, derivatives redistribute risks and reduce the costs of financial intermediation, but on the other hand, derivatives pose significant threats.

Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives
Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives

Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives in Hong Kong are very popular in the latter.

Why are derivatives needed?

Now in the modern financial system, derivatives and their properties are used in two ways. On the one hand, it is an excellent instrument for hedging, that is, insuring risks that invariably arise when entering into long-term financial obligations. Moreover, they are most often used for speculative earnings.

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

Bybit crypto derivatives in Hong Kong can be purchased by absolutely anyone.

After all, derivatives generate real profits and perform a valuable function in the financial paper markets, and they penetrate the ever-expanding and always complex world of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto derivatives markets often use leverage, and with derivatives, traders have the opportunity to gain an edge in terms of risk management while increasing their income.

How to Trade Bybit Derivatives in Hong Kong?

Getting started in derivatives trading in Hong Kong is easy and requires:

  • register on the exchange website
  • open an account
  • top up this account
  • analyze the market thoroughly
  • choose the most relevant type of derivative for yourself
  • checkout

Bybit derivatives in Hong Kong are available for purchase today and will not take long.

Derivatives account on Bybit
Derivatives account on Bybit

How to replenish an account and withdraw a deposit?

To trade on this platform, you first need to fund your account.

  • In your personal account, click on the profile icon and select the "Assets" section.
  • On the assets page, select the currency for replenishment and opposite it you need to select "Deposit".
  • We receive the ByBit deposit address in any way: copy the wallet address, or scan the QR code.
  • Next, you need to specify this address on a third-party platform, from where the funds will be transferred.

Funds are credited to the ByBit account after one confirmation of the transaction in the blockchain.

In order to withdraw funds, you will need to select the “Withdraw funds” button next to the desired currency near the desired currency in the “Assets” section, enter the wallet address, confirm the actions using two-factor authentication. The system will also give information regarding the miner's commission that will be charged.

Withdrawal requests are processed three times a day at 08: 00.16: 00.24: 00 UTC.

If, nevertheless, the waiting time has exceeded 2 hours from the specified time intervals, then in this case it is recommended to contact ByBit support or send an email to support@bybit.com.

Bybit derivatives trading is stable, reliable and has no hidden nuances.

List of Bybit derivatives

At the moment, the current products of the exchange are:

  • Spot
  • Inverse Futures
  • Perpetual USDT
  • Inverse indefinite

Perpetual contract in USDT is a line contract. For a line contract, the margin is used in USDT currency. While an inverse contract implies that a trader planning to carry out transactions under a contract in BTC / ETH / XRP / EOS needs to use the base cryptocurrency as a margin for a transaction under the corresponding contract.

Inverse contracts use BTC / ETH / EOS / XRP as the base currency. To calculate margin, profit and loss, traders need to provide confirmation of the US dollar as the quoted currency, and then use either BTC or ETH as the base currency. When intending to carry out transactions under the BTCUSD contract, the trader must use BTC as the base currency. When trading under ETHUSD contracts, the trader needs to hold the ETH currency.

Futures is a type of derivative (sometimes referred to as "secondary") financial instrument.

The futures price varies depending on the market situation. The rest of the parameters of the asset are typical. The buyer and seller of the futures undertake obligations to fulfill the contract within the agreed period. The value of the asset itself by this time in the market may change, but this can no longer affect the terms of the transaction.

Spot is a term that means the conclusion of transactions for cash goods, including exchange ones. Spot, unlike futures transactions, requires immediate payment (within 2 days). A market where goods / currencies are sold for cash and delivered immediately is called a spot market.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the exchange has Mutual insurance.

Mutual Insurance is a risk management tool specially designed for Bybit traders. Traders holding positions under a perpetual contract can purchase insurance and thus can use the premium to hedge potential losses due to market movements. The premium received from the insurance will be credited to the Mutual Insurance Fund. During the term of the insurance contract, if the insured position incurs losses, it will receive a corresponding payment from the Mutual Insurance Fund.

Bybit crypto derivatives trading has been operating for over three years.

Bybit trading products
Bybit trading products

How is derivatives trading different from spot trading?

Cryptocurrency spot trading is a transaction between buyers and sellers to exchange one cryptocurrency for another at the current market price.

Spot trading differs slightly from contract trading in that you really need to own the underlying asset. Spot trading in cryptocurrencies involves traders buying cryptocurrency and holding it until its value increases, or using it to buy other digital coins that traders believe may increase in value.

In the cryptocurrency derivatives market, investors do not own cryptocurrencies. Rather, they trade based on speculation about the price of the cryptocurrency market. Traders can choose to go long if they expect the asset's value to rise, or short if the asset's value is expected to fall.

Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives FAQ

How can I view the history of orders?

In the "Position" tab of the Spot Trading page, click on "Order History" and select the type of order you want to view: "Market and Limit Orders" or "Conditional Order".

All completed order records can be viewed in the "Filled" section. On the "Order History" tab, you can view all records of executed orders, including executed and canceled orders.

Relevant third party providers will provide an indicative exchange rate. These rates are listed on the Bybit web page to allow quick comparisons between different service providers. For final exchange rates and figures, please always refer to our third party providers' website.

No. Bybit does not have access to your provided data and your card data. All information is stored with a third party provider where the fiat deposit is transferred. For more information, please see the respective payment transfer provider's privacy policy.

The information you submit will be used to verify your identity. We do not disclose the information received.

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The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose