Best trading platforms Hong Kong 2021

Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people want to invest in this industry. As a result, new services are constantly popping up that offer the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies for fiat currency or exchange them. A cryptocurrency exchange is a place where users can buy and sell digital currencies online. In addition to trading cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges also offer the ability to store coins in personal portfolios. These sites work in the same way as currency exchanges, commodity exchanges or stock exchanges: prices are set by the market, based on the principle of supply and demand for each token. We have provided you with a list of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Hong Kong is one of the most important jurisdictions in the cryptocurrency industry: numerous companies are based there, including exchanges, OTC platforms and brokers. They are currently controlled by the local Monetary Authority and Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).


The platform was founded in 2012 in San Francisco, United States. Coinbase offers two types of services through its two divisions: buying cryptocurrencies through its Coinbase Crypto Exchange service (which includes a cryptocurrency wallet) and trading through its Coinbase Pro Crypto Exchange service. It offers a simple coin exchange mechanism and supports the most popular payment methods, such as bank cards, wire transfers and even PayPal. During its existence, the company has served about 30 million customers and generated $150 billion in revenue. One of the company's products, Coinbase PRO, is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of transaction volume. As of 2018, Coinbase is recognized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a financial services provider. The platform currently serves more than 10 million customers.

Cryptocurrencies 23 types of digital money, including Bitcoin (BTC); Ethereum (ETH); Ripple (XRP); Litecoin (LTC); Bitcoin Cash (BCH); EOS (EOS); Stellar Lumens (XLM); Cosmos (Atom); Dash (DASH); Chainlink (LINK).
Commissions on fees For all transactions under $200, the following fees will be charged:$0.99 - for transactions under $10;$1.49 - for transactions between $10 and $25;$1.99 - for transactions between $25 and $50;$2.99 - for transactions between $50 and $200.For transactions over $200, a fixed interest rate will be charged. The amount depends on the payment method.
Cartera  Free on mobile and online. The advantage of this wallet is that transactions can be done outside the blockchain.
Method of payment You can make deposits and withdrawals by debit card, bank transfer and a host of other payment systems. SEPA transfers are available to EU citizens;
Safety Two-factor authentication; All website traffic is encrypted with the cryptographic SSL protocol; All wallet keys are protected by AES-256 encryption; Only 2% of your customers' cryptocurrency funds are stored online and are insured against loss;
Mobile application Mobile applications for Android and iOS;


This exchange was founded in 2012 and currently serves more than 12 million traders. Between 2018 and 2020, Binance is the undisputed leader among the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of volume and number of users. Its transaction volume exceeds $40 billion. Coinbase is available to traders from 32 different countries, mainly from Europe and North America. You can trade 740 different pairs of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies on the platform. One of the best features of the site is that it offers new coins almost every week. This news is constantly posted on the company's official Twitter account. Sometimes users are even asked to vote for a coin to appear on the exchange. Binance's popularity is also influenced by its high order processing speed, which is nearly 1.5 million per second.

Cryptocurrencies 740 different pairs of digits and fiats, including BNB's own token;
Commissions on fees Binance offers competitive transaction fees (commissions): 0.1% on each side of the transaction or 0.075% if you use your Binance tokens (BNB);
Cartera  Trust Wallet mobile app;
Method of payment Bank transfer, debit/credit cards, various P2P payment channels;
Safety The exchange has established the CryptoSafe Alliance (CSA). The initiative brings together exchanges, blockchain protocols, cybersecurity experts and compliance firms. It is the first comprehensive tool for monitoring and protecting against threats in a decentralized exchange environment.
Mobile application The free app is available from the Google Play Store or the App Store.


The platform was registered in the United States in 2011 under the name Payward, Inc. and is based in San Francisco. To date, the exchange has offices in several cities around the world, including London, Chiyoda (Japan) and Singapore. Kraken has developed Cryptowatch, a trading terminal that provides real-time cryptocurrency market data, charts and trading services to more than 25 cryptocurrency exchanges. The service has acquired 4 million customers in 200 countries. In general, Kraken targets traders who trade in large cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies There are 8 tokens available for redemption;
Commissions on fees For transactions of less than 50,000 units of a given currency, a commission of 0.16% is charged to the seller and 0.26% to the buyer; for amounts greater than 50,000 units, the commissions are reduced to 0.14% and 0.24%, respectively;
Cartera  The website does not offer a wallet for cryptocurrencies;
Method of payment Cryptocurrency wallets and transfer money by bank transfer. It is not possible to make deposits/withdrawals with bank cards;
Safety It provides users with two-factor authentication (2FA), PGP encryption and a global settings lock that prevents an account from being changed within a certain amount of time;
Mobile application Kraken Pro and Kraken Futures trading applications.


This cryptocurrency was launched in New York in 2015. It began as a simple online exchange. But the service quickly became popular and the following year its functionality was expanded to the level of a real exchange. The Bittrex trading platform offers a range of financial, trading and analytical tools for successful trading. In June, its revenue exceeded $51 million. It offers its customers the ability to work with a large number of trading pairs. Bittrex offers reliable storage of users' funds, as almost all funds are stored in cold wallets. It is probably one of the most secure platforms for cryptocurrency exchange, as it was founded by cyber security experts. The platform supports five underlying markets: USD, EUR, BTC, ETH and USDT (ERC-20 Tether); various ERC-20 tokens and many other independent currencies.

Cryptocurrencies More than 250 retail parks are available;
Commissions on fees Funding your Euro account can be done with: SEPA bank transfer; international bank transfer; bank card. Fiat withdrawing money from your bank account can be done with an international bank transfer, and in the case of Euro SEPA the withdrawal cost depends on the chosen cryptocurrency: for Bitcoin it is 0,0005 BTC, for Ethereum - 0,00600000 ETH. The website charges a fixed trading fee of 0.25% on the total amount of the order;
Cartera  There is no wallet for cryptocurrencies;
Method of payment Bank transfers, credit/debit cards;
Safety Two-factor authentication (2FA);IP authentication that requires confirmation of entering a new IP address; IP whitelisting; Cold storage for 80-90% of assets;
Mobile application There are two apps each for Android and iOS: Bittrex Global and Bittrex.


BitMEX was founded in 2014. The site has proven to be a stable source that offers maximum opportunities for profitable digital currency trading. All withdrawals and reloads can only be made in BTC, and users must convert altcoins into bitcoins. Currently, the Bitmex exchange occupies a leading position with an average trading volume of between $2 and $4 billion per day. The exchange has its own insurance fund, which currently manages over 31,000 bitcoin. It is used to hedge liquidated positions on the platform. Because of the ability to trade on margin with a leverage of 100 times in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market, many traders compare trading on the exchange to gambling. Last month, the platform introduced mandatory verification of all account holders, which is expected to be completed by February 2021.

Cryptocurrencies 55 trade pairs;
Commissions on fees BitMEX does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. When you withdraw BTC, minimal Bitcoin network fees apply. Transaction fees for buyers are 0.075% of the total order value, while creators get an additional 0.025% on each transaction;
Cartera BitMEX cryptocurrency poort fout
Method of payment Other than cryptocurrencies, BitMEX does not accept any other types of deposits;
Safety Funds stored in cold wallets; two-factor authentication; SMS registration; portfolios with multiple signatures for transactions; PGP-encrypted email communications;
Mobile application BitMEX Mobile will be launched in September 2020.

The introduction of cryptocurrencies has steadily spread to all corners of the world, and today the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies worldwide is $351.24 billion.


This cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2012 in Hong Kong. It is known for its collaboration with the Tether (USDT) project. The platform offers its users exchange services, margin trading and supports all major coin and token types. The project is designed for professional traders and large investors, and it proves this by offering a wide range of reputable financial instruments. On Bitfinex, you can use short-term strategies and try to invest for the long term.

Cryptocurrencies More than 140 currencies and 300 currency pairs;
Commissions on fees There are no additional fees for deposits and withdrawals in digital currency. A fee of 0.1%, but not less than $20, must be paid when depositing USD;The minimum fee when withdrawing fiat money is $60;With a minimum coin turnover per month, the trading fee is 0.1% for the originator and 0.2% for the borrower;
Cartera You can choose from three portfolios: Currency Portfolio, Margin Portfolio and Financial Portfolio;
Method of payment In addition to cryptocurrencies, users can also make bank transfers and withdraw cash with the card.
Safety Only 0.5% of cryptocurrencies are held online to support daily transactions. The remaining coins are stored in cold wallets that are inaccessible to hackers. Deploying these wallets requires manual approval by several members of the management team;
Mobile application Available.


LocalBitcoins was founded in Finland in 2012. Its goal was to create a secure platform for trading cryptocurrencies. The site is actively used in more than 240 countries around the world. Here you can trade bitcoins against any fiat currency that officially exists in the world. Users place orders to buy and sell bitcoin, specifying the exchange rate, payment method and minimum/maximum transaction amount. Other users choose the desired offers and confirm the transaction.

Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin
Commissions on fees The website takes no commission from the buyer. For sellers, there is a fixed commission of 1% of each sale.
Cartera  Bitcoin-Portemonnee
Method of payment Bank transfers, bank cards, electronic systems;
Safety Transactions are secured by the escrow method, which has proven very effective; user accounts are protected by two-factor authentication.
Mobile application


It is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2014. In addition to traditional cash trading, the exchange also offers margin trading, as well as options for those looking to borrow their money. In 2018, the company was acquired by Circle Internet Financial Limited. And then the service introduced a mandatory verification procedure, in accordance with KYC regulations. Currently, the daily turnover exceeds $13 million and users can trade more than 100 currency pairs. The largest percentage of the audience is interested in trading forex and currency options. Advanced analysis (last day cryptocurrency price, trading history) creates favorable conditions for effective trading.

Cryptocurrencies More than 100 plaster casts applied;
Commissions on fees All deposits are possible without additional fees; withdrawal fees are fixed and depend on the type of cryptocurrency; trading fees range from 0% to 0.25%; initiator's commission ranges from 0% to 0.15%; borrower's commission ranges from 0.1% to 0.25%; the higher the number of transactions in a month, the lower the commission for all subsequent transactions;
Cartera  Ja;
Method of payment Upgrading your account with a bank card or withdrawing money with a card is not possible for users in some countries;
Safety The administration strongly recommends that you equip your account with two-factor authentication;
Mobile application Available at


This young exchange was founded in 2017. However, it has already proven to be one of the most reliable trading platforms in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The exchange offers one of the largest selections of trading pairs in the world and allows its customers to trade over 450 trading pairs. KuCoin is very popular among new cryptocurrencies that have just completed an ICO. The exchange has its own token, KuCoin Shares (KCS). Holders of KCS tokens receive a discount on trading.

Cryptocurrencies Over 200 currencies and more than 450 pairs of exchange rates;
Commissions on fees All deposits to the site are free and there is a flat fee for withdrawals. KuCoin offers a fixed trading commission of 0.10%, which is lower than the industry average.
Cartera  Courtyard portemonnee voor cryptocurrencies;
Method of payment Variety of payment methods supported by P2P fiat services;
Safety The Exchange allows you to set up two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator.
Mobile application Available at

Cold storage in the strictest sense is the transfer of bitcoin to addresses with a private key that can never be compromised (revealed). In its simplest form, these are keys you receive on a computer without a network connection.


It is an Austrian company, founded in 2014. It has powerful API applications, powerful servers and a fully automated real-time ordering system. The company currently serves over 1.2 million customers, but hopes to expand its customer base through investment. The company has a European PSD2 license and the source is equipped with modern security methods and ways to protect the account from hacking. The exchange has its own Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST), whose holders can receive a 25% discount on transactions.

Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than 30 active digital currencies;
Commissions on fees The commission for the trading service depends on the type of currency and the type of transaction. For buying bitcoins you will pay 1.49%, for selling - 1.29%;Top-up and withdrawal commission is fixed for each currency and will be debited from your account;
Cartera  Bitpanda crypto-portemonee
Method of payment Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or electronic payment system;
Safety Bitpanda refers to systems that manage the user's own wallet keys and offers the following security measures: cold backend storage; session verification. Any login attempt from a new device must be confirmed with two-factor authentication; email authentication and validation;
Mobile application Ja


The service was launched in 2013 and has since offered the ability to buy the two most popular fiat currencies with a bank card. Coinmama is not an exchange in the usual sense of the word. Here you can only buy foreign currencies. The platform does not even have a built-in wallet, and the money purchased is transferred to the address provided by the user. The service currently has 2.3 million users in 188 countries.

Cryptocurrencies The platform sells Bitcoin, Ethereum. Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Qtum, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, Tezos e EOS;
Commissions on fees A 5% service fee is charged if credit or debit cards are used, and the platform charges 3.90% for buying coins and 0.9% for selling them;
Cartera Nee;
Method of payment Credit/debit cards and bank transfers; supports SEPA and SWIFT payments;
Safety Coinmama is a reputable company with a secure website that uses Trust Guard and Comodo technology. Both sites have confirmed that 256-bit SSL encryption is actively used on pages containing personal information;
Mobile application Ja


This cryptocurrency exchange is a joint project of European and Israeli entrepreneurs, founded in 2013. The platform is open to traders from all over the world, regardless of their country of residence. The site's interface is simple and user-friendly, as the service is designed for all traders, regardless of their level of professionalism. Potential customers can test demo trades and use analytical tools to better understand the cryptocurrency market. HitBTC supports trading in a wide range of cryptocurrencies and works with fiat money, offering favorable exchange rates to GBP, USD, EUR. The site supports SEPA and SWIFT payments. HitBTC uses various advertising methods to attract traders, including active advertising on social media.

Cryptocurrencies Currently, 800 currency pairs are traded on the platform;
Commissions on fees There is no commission for deposits and a fixed commission for withdrawals, depending on the currency; HitBTC uses a tiered system to calculate trading commissions. The more a user trades, the lower his commission will be;
Cartera There is no wallet for cryptocurrencies;
Method of payment The HitBTC exchange can only be topped up with digital currency;
Safety The platform offers two-factor authentication, high-performance encryption technology and cold storage;
Mobile application Nee


Paxful is an international P2P marketplace for buying and selling Bitcoin, founded in 2014 by Estonian and American entrepreneurs. Paxful's main goal is to create a transparent and secure platform where anyone can quickly buy Bitcoin. Paxful does not sell cryptocurrencies itself, the site has taken on the role of intermediary between buyers and sellers. The exchange is actively involved in social projects, such as building schools in Africa.

Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin i Tether
Commissions on fees There are fees for selling cryptocurrencies:0.5% for wire transfers;1% for debit cards and electronic payments;3-5% for gift cards;There are no fees for buying cryptocurrencies;Transfer fees to an external wallet.$0 - $9.99 = 0.0001 BTC $10 - $19.99 = 0.0002 BTC Over $20 = 0.0005 BTC
Cartera The Paxful Wallet app makes it easy for you to store and manage coins with your mobile cryptocurrency wallet;
Method of payment Over 300 ways to buy coins, including bank transfer, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Western Union and even Amazon, iTunes or Steam gift cards;
Safety The security of the system is ensured by two factors: authentication, security and a mandatory verification procedure when processing large volumes.
Mobile application Paxful port error dla Android i iOS.

When choosing a stock exchange, you should carefully check the conditions for registration and withdrawal of funds. It is important to read user reviews and check whether the exchange is involved in fraud or is the victim of hacker attacks. You should also make sure that the exchange has a high volume of transactions. And always remember that an exchange is not a safe place to store cryptocurrencies. It is highly recommended to choose resources that have cold wallets and reliable security methods.

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