Baidu is the fastest growing search engine in China, overtaking Google, Yahoo and others. So it's no surprise that Baidu's stock has jumped over the past year or so. Analysts are optimistic about Baidu, and it seems prudent to invest in Baidu shares to expand its stock portfolio. Let's take a closer look at them.

Baidu's story begins from the very beginning, when the founders began to explore the possibilities of an online social media platform for China. At first, Baidu was just a catalog of game support along with other data. The founders of the company saw that this could give them a unique opportunity to provide users with the information they need. They understood that this was an opportunity to expand into different areas such as news, real-time market data and e-commerce. Baidu continues to focus on providing data and other services to its users 24/7.

Invest in Baidu Shares
Invest in Baidu Shares

Baidu is essentially an instant success story of a Chinese internet enterprise.

The company currently operates in 2 segments:

  1. Baidu Core is a search engine, a video portal, a video clip portal, a program for autonomous driving in self-driving cars, cloud services, antivirus for PC and mobile devices, a Chinese encyclopedia, a Q&A service, a social platform that allows you to create thematic communities for communication, and other services.

  2. iQIYI is an online entertainment service (an online video platform with a content library that includes licensed films, TV series, cartoons, pop shows and other programs).

The trend you will be looking at relates to Baidu's huge competitive advantage. To be able to compete with companies like Yahoo and MSN, Baidu needs to be able to deliver more search engine-optimized content. This usually means using carefully selected keywords and content optimized for them. As people in the search engine optimization industry say, this can be tricky. Baidu is obviously able to do this, which has led to its success.

Baidu shares information
Baidu shares information

The company is trying to reduce its dependence on the core search business and expand into other areas such as cloud services and artificial intelligence. For example, in the long term, Baidu may find salvation in new technologies. Baidu is betting on the technologies of the future, including, for example, the development of services and software for self-driving cars. This is how the Chinese authorities recently ordered to produce unmanned electric vehicles for the domestic market in the coming year. To do this, the three largest corporations in China have merged - Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent. Baidu is featured in the process as the main manufacturer of Apollo-based drone software.

Separately, we note the partnership between Intel and Baidu, which jointly implemented many projects in life and in the future plan to cooperate in various directions, ranging from autonomous vehicles to improving processor optimization.

How to invest in Baidu shares in Hong Kong?

When you want to invest in Baidu shares in Hong Kong, it is extremely important to keep in mind that this type of investment involves a lot of volatility. This means that any investment should be viewed as a high risk, high return business. Any investor planning to enter the stock market should be prepared for such an investment. The volatility of stocks and exposure to any influence makes investing a very difficult task. Therefore, before investing your money in the stock market, you need to have an investment strategy.

According to the level of investment risk, there are two main styles - conservative and aggressive.

The first style presupposes mainly passive income in the long term, the profit is small, the risks are less. The second will require more time to follow quotes and news, deep knowledge, but it will make it possible to make big profits in the shortest possible time. It is associated with high risks. Do you prefer short-term or long-term investments? You may have different options in your portfolio. The more diverse your portfolio is, the safer, many analysts say.

Technical analysis video training
Technical analysis video training

One of the most important things when entering stock trading is to have a fundamental knowledge of the stock market and trading on it. It is important to educate yourself in the basics of stock trading in order to profit from this investment that you are making. There are many new dealers who know nothing about the stock market, and they end up making losses on their investments. This is because they do not have any knowledge of the various terms used in the stock exchange.

Any investor who wants to make money trading needs to be disciplined enough to take risks. Staying calm and making decisions when you see something important happening on the stock exchange is extremely important in order to be able to make a profit.

Learning the terminology and various strategies used by the Baidu shares exchange professionals can help you become a successful investor. With a deep, practical knowledge of the stock exchange, you will be able to see signs that inform you about various businesses and their market trends.

The ideal option for this would be to take a training program. For example, on our online platform there are video tutorials, a section with answers to frequently asked questions about trading, where you will find a lot of interesting things, for example, which types of exchange-traded assets are best to start with, which strategists. Elect and so on. Many third-party companies also offer training courses to help you better understand the business. After completing the course, you will also have the opportunity to learn how to choose the right stocks and quickly decide what to invest in.

Stock earnings calendar
Stock earnings calendar

You should conduct a comprehensive analysis of the company and find the factors affecting its development and profitability. Knowing the background and development of the company is also an important thing that you should consider before putting your money into an investment. The reason is that you will have a clear view of the company and its future prospects. By understanding all of these things, you can make a decision about your investment in the organization. Study fundamental and technical analysis of the company.

 To avoid mistakes, you need to follow a few simple tips:

  1. Diversification of the investment portfolio. It is necessary to acquire assets of different issuers in several sectors of the economy. A loss incurred on one instrument is offset by a gain on others.

  2. Discipline and sequence of actions. The result can be achieved if you adhere to the plan, analyze the market and increase investment capital. It is advisable to reinvest the received profit.

  3. Endurance and control of the situation. No one is able to avoid mistakes, especially at the beginning of the journey. A cold mind will help keep the situation under control, and the experience gained will help to avoid further failures.

  4. The right environment. Chatting with like-minded people on social networks and forums will help you become familiar with new investment strategies and common mistakes.

  5. Constant flow of information. Education, reading financial literature, acquaintance with the experience of successful investors will broaden the horizons and open up new development prospects.

How to buy Baidu shares in Hong Kong?

A number of novice traders who want to buy Baidu shares will first learn about the online stock trading platform. Our platform is a trusted online broker with over 74 million registered users, so join us!

The trading platform is the most convenient way to learn how to buy stocks through an online agent because you don't need to visit your broker's office. You can also install the application on your PC or smartphone and work at any time.

We have online demo accounts for trading stocks, which are a very convenient alternative for hands-on training in learning trading.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

If you decide to start with a demo account, then we will provide you with $10,000, this is a virtual amount, you can practice trading with it and get acquainted with the trading platform. However, there is no real money in the account. If your deal is successful, then you will not be able to get a profit, it will also remain virtual.

There are many reasons why an investor should consider using a demo account for trading. The main advantage is that it eliminates any risk that an investor may face on an exchange platform. Since no transactions are made, the consumer is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred during the trading process. Hence, there is absolutely no fear of financial loss. The investor can make adjustments to their strategy while practicing on a demo account at the same time. He will emphasize the importance of market time, the way of identifying trends and building strategies for trading.

How to open account
How to open account

You can also open a real account and start making a profit today. Moreover, we offer a trading account with a minimum deposit of $10. Of course, such an amount will not give you a huge profit, but this is just the beginning, and by the way, you can start with a larger amount, it all depends on you! Try it and you will definitely succeed!

Our platform prides itself on its charting tools and charts that display the market situation for traders. This system is a high quality way of delivering as much information as possible to users while they are absorbed in their trading activities. They also allow for a range of mapping tools that enable traders to better predict and evaluate various market movements.

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